Friday, May 13, 2011

What the??? What happened? & Update

Ok...Blogspot went down at bad time!! What happened?

First of all it deleted my last post and several other posts from ya'll. It made me realize how addicted I am!! I couldn't catch up with ya'll and it drove me crazy!! lol

Today has been hard. I have been doing great lately, but now I'm trying to plan 2 birthday parties (in one) and it's stressful. And we STILL do not have that final paperwork we were promised YESTERDAY! =/ So now no final approval until the LAST week of the month. It's driving me crazy!

Today I failed the patience and "have faith" test...miserably! I realized keeping up with ya'll daily helps me more than I knew. And not having a way to check in on ya'll was effecting my ability to keep the faith.

Anyway, my last post included my PM's last email to me:

Hey "Noey", we did close on the lot yesterday so we are officially Started!!!

Unfortunately, the weather has been a small speed bump but no worries. I have the plumbers scheduled for Friday/ Monday to do their ground works. The concrete guys will be out either tomorrow or Friday to make the change to the forms at the garage to reflect a side entry. The rain pushed back the concrete guys schedule, so we are just waiting on them.

The current schedule has us prepping and pouring the slab after a couple of inspections next week. Weather permitting we will have the slab poured next Thursday. Your lumber delivers next Friday with framers scheduled to start on Monday the 23rd.

We are still on for the 3rd week of July. Schedule reflects closing the 22nd of July. Once we get into drywall the closing date will be solid.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Well surprise!!! We went by the house yesterday (we were at my sister's and it's only 5 minutes from it, so why not?), and guess what we found?
PLUMBING!!!! They started the plumbing work! They started on Thursday! Earlier than J's email said! YAY!! =) Here are some pics:

The best I can figure:
A: is for the upstairs baths
B: Upstairs Laundry
C: Toliet
D: Sink in Powder room
Still nothing for the kitchen sink

I have NO idea what this one pipe out front is for??

My middle girl! She's so excited! =) My eldest opted to stay in the car with our toddler. I couldn't have her out running around. Especially with the area like this:

I just don't think the construction site is a safe place for my little one right now. Maybe later on in the process... But right now we have nails, wood, and trenches (Can you imagine her falling in that?)

My neighbors building their Naples seemed to be there. I waved at them. =) Hope they're nice. The lot next to me has been cleared and staked, along with the two lots across from me. That makes 5 of us under construction at the same time! WOW!! At least we're getting our little corner area all knocked out at once! =)

So anyway, that's my update. I'll try and head back over there this weekend and see where things are.

Missed ya'll!


  1. Yes, I was really confused at what happened to my last post! lol, I kept chacking to see if I was logged in and what not! Your lot is looking GOOD! I'm going to check on my lot thi weekend and if I see plumbing I might just lay on cotton candy filled clouds, i'd be so happy! lol...your little girl is cute by the way! When she gets older the pics of her standing by the dirt will be priceless! I know they are going to love growing up in the new house! take care and I hope everything gets back on track! Take care! :)

  2. I know my post is gone too and it had about 10 pictures that took forever to line up and caption! I'm so glad you're seeing progress on the lot...although I'm not sure I understand how they are moving forward if you don't have loan approval. We had to have everything confirmed and finalized (including an blueprint appraisal) before they would break ground on our house. I'm very happy for you on both the house and the trip!!

  3. Thank ya'll!!

    Shara: We were only the 2nd contract to sign in the neighborhood. They were eager to get started. After all, if people see it developing, they would be more likely to buy.
    We also made it clear that we needed out of our Rental by Aug. 1st. Our Rep went to bat for us and they agreed to start the building process on a pre-approval/loan commitment, which we have.

    It probably doesn't hurt that we got a great deal on the house too (something like $15-25000 off "sticker price). So, God forbid, something happen and this fall through with us, they can still build it, up the selling price and still make it a bargain for someone else. This way it will still sell quickly and they can make more money off of it. Does that make sense? They covered their butts.

    *Note: We only got this good a deal because
    a) we had a realtor help us with the offer
    b) we were the 2nd to take interest in the neighborhood
    c) the developer dropped land prices after we contracted and we got some money off for some stuff.
    Kinda the perfect storm of stuff to get us a great deal.

    I think there are a few other bloggers who are either still waiting for approval too or just got it. I guess it depends on the situation and neighborhood. *shrugs* I'm just glad they were willing to do it for us!

  4. I was getting a little impatient too on not being able to read updates!!! What would we have done if all of our blogs were lost forever!???! EEK!

    I love seeing how houses go up in different areas, like ones without basements, etc.

  5. Did they say why they have yet to send yout he final paperwork? What are they waiting for? Do they just need to fax it to you, or mail it to you. Even if they ahd to mail it to you, I know they send them next day air.

  6. Thanks for explaining your loan situation - i've been confused about why your process seems to be so different from everyone else's. I'm rooting for you and hope everything gets resolved soon!

  7. I was out of state over the weekend and tried to access the blog and was confused on why the site was unavailable and drove me nuts. That is how addicted I am to the blogging world lol.

    The pictures look great and I totally understand on the toddler situation running around on the lot with the dug hole. I always leave my little one in the car and take a quick look then run back inside the car feeling guilty but most of the time hubby is in the car while I go trekking along the lot. Building a new home is FUN!