Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Psst....Milan Builders

Since there are a lot of Milan builders in my area (great taste ya'll!), I thought I would post pics of Milans I found online. Different colors and elevations.

Elevation C
I LOVE this one! It's gorgeous!!

Elevetion L's

Elevation B

These are other's I found that aren't real photos but give an idea of other elevations and ideas

Check out the porch

only bottom section is brick


  1. The milan is a beautiful model! You are going to love it!

  2. Thank you!! I think so!! I just loved the model one we visited. But it's like 30 minutes from we live. And with gas prices, I just can't see driving there all the time.

    We almost didn't go look at it. We had toured a Venice and were considering it. We wished it had an extra room down stairs (study/dinning). That's when we were told about the Milan.

    We went home and looked it up online. We weren't sure it was going to be worth the drive, but finally decided, "Why not?". We fell in love the moment we walked in!! And when we found out we could make the loft a 4th bedroom, we were sold. (we will miss the loft, but each kid needs a room. lol Thus the study! It's the playroom. lol)

    They do offer 5 elevations that I know of in our neighborhood. A, B, C, K, and L. I was looking online and found all these and thought, "WOW!! Same house, so many different looks". So I thought I'd share! =)

  3. really Nice home! I dont think I have ever seen it before.

  4. Wow, I am impressed that you were able to find all of these elevations you really do your research! Now can you find all the venice options for me lol j/k. The milan model is beautiful! Love it.