Thursday, May 5, 2011


As of yesterday there was some kind of hold up on NVR's end with getting the final legal work to the new mortgage company. Our loan rep was trying to figure it all out. SO NOTHING has gone to the mortgage company/underwriting. *heavy sigh*. I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason, be patient, this is going to happen for us.

In other news, we have the viewing tonight and funeral tomorrow morning. My Granddad went to an appt. today to get some tests run to see if he now has Colon Cancer on top of his lung cancer and Alzheimer's. We should know next week. His mental state is not well. He is getting very depressed. =(

I gotta admit that this is not the best start to May for us, but at least the Kentucky Derby is Saturday. lol Honestly, I just keep saying that sooner or later, things will start looking up! ;) Gotta try and stay positive! =)

I'll try and catch up on your blogs soon.

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  1. Good things happen for those who wait honey! Just have to keep reminding yourself of this and stay positive! It will happen!