Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sealing Concrete??

Ok...another blogger mentioned sealing their concrete patio. A few more had previously talked of sealing their driveways.

Why? Is it because you are up north and the weather there is awful? Is everyone suppose to do this? Because down here in the south, I have never really ever heard of it?

My grandparents did decide to put some kind of sealer on their drive way and walk way. That was a HUGE mistake. Now it's more slippery than ever when it rains. It all beads up and sits on top of it vs. the concrete absorbing it. They thought it would help, and it made it worse for them. (elderly..slippery surface..falling)

Again, I have never really heard of anyone down here doing it. What's the "411" (lol I had too...)on sealing concrete?


  1. In the north if you don't seal your concrete it will begin to disintegrate from the road salt they use in the winter. You will be left with a crumbling pitted driveway.

    I'm not sure what it is like in the south. If you don't have salt put on your roads, it may not be necessary.

  2. They only but the brine on the roads an average of about twice year. And NEVER in neighborhoods. Where I am at usually averages 1 ice storm and 1 good snow (over 3") once a winter.

    Thanks for clarifying. I guess that's why no one hear really does it. lol