Monday, May 23, 2011

2 half days!

So I went BACK over to the site last night and got a few pics of what they were able to do in two days worth of work and leaving before lunch. This is what I got:

Dining Room Window

Looking into Morning Room

Too bad this won't always be our view out the morning room...but it should be for probably at least the next 6 months!

Back of house (love the windows!)

Bar in kitchen overlooking den (you can see the morning room behind it)


Side entry with kitchen windows (we didn't opt to pay for extra window in the Morning Room. Hope we don't regret that. We have something we want to put on that wall inside....)

So ... there it is. So good. Hopefully by Friday I can pics of it under roof! =)

Oh, and sorry about all the pictures.... Can you tell I love pictures and am very excited! lol


  1. Looks great! The sunset is beautiful too!

  2. I agree about the sunset. It's moving now

  3. Yayyyy! Soooo exciting! Goodness, I had groundbreaking 2 months before you and your almost caught up to me! Not fair!!!

  4. much for waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday. :) I knew you wouldn't be able to wait that long, none of us would. Looks great, can't wait to see the second story up too!

  5. Woo hoo - so fun to see progress, isn't it? I love the pictures too :)

  6. So exiting....I have to update my blog today. Looks like we are staying on the same pace.

  7. Yeah girl! Update! I love updates! lol

    Thanks everyone. I am super excited. I am going to back out tomorrow afternoon and take more pics. (if I can keep far enough way