Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Cleaning House"...not what you think

So I went through all the blogs I follow today. I wanted to check in with some of those who have posted in a while and make sure things are still going well for them.

I learned:

1. OOPS!! I wasn't following BD's blog!! I thought I was the whole time! Shame on me!! Imagine my surprise when I went to check in and there were lots of posts! Sorry BD!!! I'm following now!!

2. That one of the blogs I was following with a person building in Baltimore has gone private. I can no longer access it. So I deleted it. No since following a blog you can't read.

3. I found one blog that had NO activity since November, when he was about to break ground. Deleted that one too. Apparently he's not blogging anymore.

4. Found another one "L" that was completely empty. Deleted that one too.

Have ya'll ever thought about going through who you follow? You may want to when you get time, and "clean house" a bit. Just a thought!

Oh, and India...How are you? Things going well I suspect?


  1. Good idea! I need to clean house too! I miss reading India adn KM's updates! I wonder how they are doing with their houses!

  2. KM!!! I think those too got busy living their lives in their new dream homes. lol

  3. Glad I made the cut and I'm still on your list. :)

  4. You'll see. It does get busy. I have several different posts going in my head and one day I'll get around to actually writing them. We've done very little with the house lately. I've been so busy with work and just a bunch of other things. I've been reading your blogs though... there are so many now, that I don't always get to comment. School is over in 3 weeks, then hopefully I can get some more blog time into my schedule :)
    Thanks for not cutting me off!

  5. lol @ Becky! Yes, I miss India's posts too! I am going to try to start updating at least once a week !I promise i'll get better!

    Yeah, that blog that has block on it is pointless. :(