Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We have the FINAL application and will be faxing it and the final stuff back in this afternoon. =D By next Friday we "should" have an answer! (we all know how "should's" have gone. lol) I may have something "memorable" to celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend! Our loan officer was off the past 2 days...little mini vaca. I can't imagine the pressure a loan officer goes through. lol She did give us her CELL #!! Just in case....future use! AWESOME!!!!

Also...Dh and I go and get our Passports tomorrow!! =) We are having them extradited. (rushed) Thank God for the wonderful person who offered to pay for them! God Bless Them!!! (literally...Amen!)

They are "scheduled" to pour the slab tomorrow, but with all the rain we've had, and there may be more today and tomorrow...that may put us into next week. I'll let you know. But I do know the lumber is suppose to be here Friday. And you KNOW I have to have pictures of my wood! =P

Wish us luck....FOR ALL THE ABOVE!! lol


  1. Crossing fingers and toes for the final results next Friday. That is great were able to have the loan officer's cell phone number so can reach her anywhere.

    You are going to have such a blast on your trip! While I on the other hand will be visiting my family in Cali just me and my daughter again on the plane but without my husband. So I hope and pray that the person next to me is empty lol or is someone who loves kids and not give me the evil eye.

    Be sure to take pictures of the wood that is the fun part! The poured slab will go up fast. I broke ground before the other neighbor did but they had no basement and their house was framed and completed their siding before us. We broke ground a 2 weeks early and their house is way ahead of us. :( Your house will go up fast once they pour the foundation in and the wood will be up like zippy doo dah! :)

  2. Sounds good. Did they give an actual day that they think you'll hear back? Or do you just think it'll be next week?
    Sometimes underwriting can take a while...hope it's quick for you!:)

  3. She told us it could take "up to a week" one time, and this last time she said to "expect an answer in about a week". She's "been doing this over a decade. Trust her." So if we turn it in this afternoon.... HOPEFULLY next Friday....