Saturday, May 28, 2011


Ok, so I did a drive by this morning, not really expecting much since we had storms all day yesterday for the most part. SURPRISE!!! I had a roof!! Like shingles!! =) Wish I would have brought my camera. lol

So I managed to go in a take a quick look around. The plumbing now has a deep purple on parts of it. So plumbers where there too.

The things I weren't so impressed with were:

1. Someone busted a window in our Master Bedroom from the outside (inside pane still in tacked). I'm thinking it was a roofer with their ladder. =( So that needs replaced.

2. Our stairs. The rounded edge on the front of the stairs... 2 stairs are splintered off. One VERY badly. I'm not happy about that either and will be mentioning this to my PM. I know stuff happens. I just want to make sure the boards are REPLACED and not just glued. Like I said, I wish I had my camera with me. I'll go back later and take the pics of the damage.

Other than that, I was really impressed. Some of the storms were bad! And yet, I have shingles!! =) These workers just amaze me.


  1. Our PM told us that it is typical that a couple of windows will get broken in the process, and obviously will all be replaced. It's pretty common, so I wouldn't worry about that. We had a piece of the frame that has to be replaced because it was bowed, and also a piece of the floor that was cracked that we saw during our pre-drywall meeting. They were already aware of these things before our meeting, and are going to take care of both. Since the wood is all precut and delivered, it probably happens during the process of transporting it.

    YAY for the shingles!! :)

  2. I never thought of this until you mentioned the stairs....are they even your final stairs in there or do they just throw in steps to use during construction and then install the real thing later. Anyone have an idea on that or know for sure?

    The purple stuff on your plumbing should be the primer and/or glue.

    I guess they do more then sleep on the job there...huh? :)

  3. Becky, I expected a few hiccups. =) You have too, right?

    BD, I think they were the final stairs. They weren't plywood but nice wood (oak maybe?) The front edges were rounded and smooth too...decorative. I'll get pics tomorrow hopefully. =)

    Oh yeah...Definitely!! They have been VERY hard workers!

  4. The rain is not keeping them from working. Awesome news. Waiting for pics. I need to go check on my place tomorrow too.

  5. Our PM did say that a broken window can happen from time to time. Expect your house to occassionally have some mishaps but they will be fixed. :) The house building process is not perfect they try to be but things can happen from time to time. Our house our PM did not order enough shingles for our house and roof trimings and had to wait for like a little over a week for the rest of the materials to arrive before the problem can be fixed.

    Your house is going up beautifully by the way. :)