Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Slab happy!

Went out to home site today! Had a horrible, life altering encounter with a cicada. *shudders* We have 13 yr cicadas here. And wow!! yeah. Google that one! *shudders again* Where I live now is fine, but like where my sister lives... They have to use UMBRELLA's to get from the garage to the car. NO LIE!! They are starting to die and falling out of the trees in bunches, all at once! She has several THOUSAND in her yard alone. *shudders again* The have to sweep a path to the car several times a day. BLEK!!!

ANY WAY>>>> I was able to get some updated pics! Here we go:

Study, dining room, and then the den.

Where a wall will go!


Garage and a little of every room (kitchen next to garage, standing in Den area, then dining, then study)


Yay!! Killingsworth has treated!!

We've been treated and out moisture barrier is down! Hopefully tomorrow we will have concrete!! =)


  1. Slab happy is right! Believe me your house will go up fast. I had to do a google search of a cicada never heard of them. I rather deal with them than spiders. I absolutely detest them. Cannot wait to se the next phase.

  2. I hope so! First slab, then framing, then ducts and plumbing I think. Then pre-drywall...wiring...drywall. Then the fun really ramps up!! =)

    Oh those bugs are horrible!! They are big, ugly, and make the most awful humming noise known to man. And they do it 24 hours a day!!! When you have 5000-6000 per acre,and live on a half acre, you have btwn 2500-3000 making that noise just on YOUR property. But then surround yourself with acres upon acres.... you hear their "hum" over cars and trains!! NO KIDDING!! Being inside does not keep the noise out. lol

  3. OMG Noey those things are gross! This is one aspect that I REALLY miss the north over...BIG A$$ BUGS!!! The cockroach is Floridas state bird I believe! Took me forever to get used to the fact that they are EVERYWHERE down here and not just in dirty restaurants. THEN we have what my husband calls the "Creatures of the Night" in our back yard (swamp) I have no idea what they are or whether they are hungry, mating or DIEING but OMG those noises are deafning after a while.

  4. LMBO @ "Creatures of the Night"

  5. First CONGRATS on the house!!! You can finally be excited to see work done...! Onto the bugs!,,, EWWWWW! At first I didn't remember wha they were and then I remembered seeing them on the news yesterday warning about them...I called them locust always. Nasty is what they are! I don't like any big nasty bugs...or little ones either. My kids laugh at me cause I run screaming. Here we have TONS of stink bugs. Do you guys have them? They are ugly and I hate them!

  6. Go Noey..Get Busy....go Noey...Get Busy!!

    We had those nasty blind bugs 6 years ago so you keep them in your neck of the woods!!! YUK!!

  7. Still waiting on final approval....

    I think workers at the Naples got a great laugh at me. The darn bug flew and landed right below my shoulder, close to my chin. I kept pulling my shirt trying to flick it off and have it NOT hit my face (I must have looked like an idiot but that's not the worst part). It finally left and I ran...just flat out RAN. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew it was away from the direction it went. LOL