Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Check out the schedule from my PM!! and a small loan update

Ok first of all, MY PM ROCKS!!! GO J!!!!

I shot him an email this evening and this was the response I got. I wasn't expecting him to get back to me tonight!! He is prompt and friendly!! He Rocks!!

Anyway...on with the schedule of things:

Hey *Noey*, we did close on the lot yesterday so we are officially Started!!!

Unfortunately, the weather has been a small speed bump but no worries. I have the plumbers scheduled for Friday/ Monday to do their ground works. The concrete guys will be out either tomorrow or Friday to make the change to the forms at the garage to reflect a side entry. The rain pushed back the concrete guys schedule, so we are just waiting on them.

The current schedule has us prepping and pouring the slab after a couple of inspections next week. Weather permitting we will have the slab poured next Thursday. Your lumber delivers next Friday with framers scheduled to start on Monday the 23rd.

We are still on for the 3rd week of July. Schedule reflects closing the 22nd of July. Once we get into drywall the closing date will be solid.

Let me know if you have any questions.


WOW!! I can't wait. And the July 22nd closing would be a BLESSING!!! It's 3 days earlier than we were previously told. My husband is taking a week off of work to move us and get our rental ready to turn back in. The catch here? He can't take the last 2 days or the first 2 days of any month off because he is the guy in charge of doing inventory.'s a Friday..his NORMAL day off so that won't factor in to the time he's taking. And if he has Sunday off too, he'll only have to use up 5 days!! So this would put him back to work on the 29th!!! And get us out before our Aug 1 deadline!! I'm so stoked!!

In other news, the new mortgage company called, they'll be emailing my hubby the final application(several pages long) we need to fill out tomorrow. We should have it faxed back in tomorrow, Friday at the worst. Then it's off to final underwriting.... We were told to expect it to take about a week. So HOPEFULLY next Friday, I'll have some pretty awesome news! Say a prayer for us!! =)

May has been awesome!! I know we lost "Great Dad" but we are excited for where he is and rejoicing that he is no longer in pain. I got a new washer and dryer (which ROCK!!) and Free vacation next month to an AWESOME destination! Getting this approval would just seal the deal for us! I'm so excited!


  1. Looks like things are looking up for you guys and remember you are the expert on patience! So exciting that they will have your lumber next fri be sure to snap a photo. Things will fall in place and everything that you want is within your grasp. Again, very exciting and have a blast on your up coming trip.

  2. LOL I am NO such expert!! But, I'm learning! =)

    Oh, I'm going to drive by and snap pictures next week for sure, and I will definitely get a pic of the lumber! =)

    Thanks honey!! =)

  3. I'm so glad things are going so well for you!!