Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For the Venicians!!

This is for ya'll, compliments of Stephanie!

Check out the side entry!

brick side entry

mostly brick or stone


Here ya go Steph! lol There are several of ya'll building the Venice, so I didn't mind. =) I think I'm out of the elevation business now. LOL


  1. LOL When I saw this post I started laughing out loud! You crack me up Noey and I love this.... Thanks so much for doing the research you are super awesome. I didn't even know the Venice had an elevation that had a full porch. I know they have the porch elevation B but a full porch that is new and is not even offered in my area. The side entry does look nice at times I wished we added that but did not even think of it till it was way too late to add. I really do wish our model has a nicer garage with the windows. Ugh, why do we have to get the standard garage door. Maybe sometime down the road I can switch out the garage doors. Hopefully its not hard to do.

    Thanks Noey you are the BEST!!!!!! :) Hug, hug, hug.

  2. I dunno about that! lol

    I didn't know about the porches either. But once I found online I inquired about it (since it wasn't in the original 5 elevations she gave us). Our Rep was willing to look into it..option like. =)

    I also noticed in both this post and the one about Milans, some of the doors have extra molding around them (nice!). And some of Venice models have it around the smaller windows too. Maybe extra options for people to look into. As far as I have an understanding: Consider EVERYTHING an option until told otherwise!! SO ... never hurts to ask!! lol

    That includes the garage door! You may be able to an addendum to upgrade it! ;)

  3. Wow it is cool to see all the versions of the same model. Some of them look completely different.

    @Stephaine I wanted the porch so bad was told it was not an option at all. =( When I spoke with the pm he said I could hire one of his subs to do anything I wanted them to do once we settled. I plan on finding out what the cost would be to extend the small covered porch we have over so I can have a full.

  4. One thing I plan for sure is to add a storm door after we move in. I think they do look nice. I have been looking at Lowe's and Home depot for the various different designs. I like how the door moldings are different from model to model.

    Thanks Min for the advice I will definitely ask our PM if that is doable but a full porch man I really wished we had that option. I did not really like a half porch which was why I did not choose that model but a full porch now that is something. Ohh well. They are always coming out with newer and newer models and updates.

  5. @Stephanie: Agree regarding the storm door...not only do they look nice they also help protect the door from the elements. They aren't too bad to install...piece of cake is you know what you are doing :)

    There is a requirement in our development to have carriage style garage doors, so it's part of the package. I did recently discover that the garage door is only 7' even though the first floor has 9' ceilings. Was disappointed to hear that, but don't think it is worth an upgrade for that.

    @Noey: You are so good at this elevation research, perhaps you could dig some up on the the best of my knowledge there is only an A, B, C, and D...but who knows what you will find :)

  6. When we were looking at the Venice, we found out that they could do a custom front porch. Its not a standard option - basically, they would just continue pouring concrete across the existing front door steps. The porch is only 4' wide that way, which makes it a bit tough to be really useable. The upgrade was around 5 grand in my area, depending on which elevation you started with. The Ravenna's front porch is 6' - so when I rock in my rocking chair, I'll stay on the porch instead of falling off! Unless I've been drinking mojitos....