Friday, May 27, 2011

the loan....tick tock tick tock

So DH talked to our loan officer. Processing has our paperwork. (duh) Once they get to it, it will only take 24-48 hours. But we are yet delayed some more. They have HAD our paperwork...but it's the end of the month, on a month that also ends in a major holiday. So underwriting has been CRAZY backed up and busy getting things ready for the closings they are trying to fit in before the holiday weekend. SO our file is on someone's desk somewhere, waiting to be looked at. Closings come first. *sigh* More delays. Oh well. *shrugs* No use worrying over it. You know? So now we are told hopefully sometime next week and that it IS a priority. But they have to get all these closings done first. I understand that.

We also found out that they have ALL our paperwork and will not be requiring anything before closing at all. =) YAY!! No more calls about "we need this or that", no more paycheck stubs, bank statements, NOTHING!!! YAY!! They got it all together to begin with. YAY!! (We asked and she said this was it). I think DH said they will pull our credit once more before closing to make sure we haven't screwed anything up (lol), but that was all!

So we are STILL playing the waiting the game. But, I'm getting better at it!! lol Again we are told we "should" know next week. It does kinda feel like we may not know until closing. Which would REALLY suck for my Mom and sister, since they apparently have no faith in this. But that's their problem. I'm not even going to mention to this to my family anymore. I have decided it's just not worth it. I will answer whatever questions they ask, but I am no longer volunteering any information that way. If they can't be happy for us and have faith in us and the process, well then... I am NOT going to subject myself to their pessimistic attitudes anymore. I am not trying to sound b*tchy. Really. I am just done with the wrong attitudes. I need support not doubting debbies. I still love them all dearly!! =) And when we do get the loan, I'll let them know. But all they have done so far is complain about the whole thing. So why bother volunteering the information? You know?

Sorry...didn't mean to go on a tare like that. They are good people promise. And I do love them.

So anyway...MAYBE next week... I am still holding out for Wed. But let's face it, if they don't look at it til Tues. (they are closed on Mon) that would make it at least Thursday. And there is no guarantee when we will be looked at. So it could go until the week after that.

I am ok with it. I am hoping for my "yes" and believing in it and going on with my life as if I already have it! =)

So that's the loan update! As long as they come back with a Yes...they can take another week. I'm okay with it. lol ;)


  1. Oh well. Mayne next week then.
    Does your sister and mom look at this site?
    If they do, then they probably already know what's going on then. Ok, Happy weekend.

  2. NOPE!! Not unless I post a link onto my FB page. =) And I don't do that much. lol So no worries there.

    Yup...maybe next week! =)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. This is just how the process goes. If they weren't sure they could get you financed, they would not have moved on your home like they have. Even if NVR can't do it, they will find a broker who will. The official yes is simply a formality but none the less, I know the feeling because you do want the official approval.

    They will check your credit and ask for bank statements again to make sure there are no surprises.

  4. Just think of how GREAT it is going to feel when you DO get your are your keys!!! Then you pick them up and say your "going to take them to lunch"...then drive up to the house and once the "bettys" start chicken clucking ...thats when you whip out the keys and say "I don't know about you two but Im rather parched...if you two would like to come in for some frosty beverages then you are welcome to....but take off your shoes because I dont want to ruin MY new floors in MY new house!" can you tell I have siblings ;-)

  5. It seems so strange that they've put your approval on the back burner, BUT, if they were going to say no, they would have said it by now. Seriously. So, I'm guessing you are good to go, and will get your approval next week! I'm sorry that your family hasn't been supportive, but you have a good attitude about it. Keep smiling and keep positive!

  6. Lmao! I soooooo agree with Noob! Couldnt have said it an better!

  7. Ok, sorry noey for not responding but dude I could not access my blog from my phone! Its soooooo irritating 3 das of no blogging I was going crazy. I am having fun with my family but every moring and every night I try to blog it says cannot be access or access denied sobbbbbb. I wanted to let you know I am still thinking of you lol.

    No worries on the loan you will get it! You have all of us backing you up and supporting you. More delays but you will get your answers. Your house is coming along pretty nicely. Hugs to you.

  8. Thinks will work out for you. Hang in there.

  9. oops...sorry, that should be"Things"