Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are you building in the Charlotte, NC area? If so....

A friend of mine's hubby does stone work. Patios, stairs, columns, grills, fire pits, fire places, ... you name it!!!

Here is a fb link to some of his work. If you decide you want him, let me know I'll give you contact info!!


  1. Hey Noey a friend of mine is going through a similar situation a you and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience and giving her some advice. My hubby and I took her and her hubby to see a couple of Ryan neighborhoods around Charlotte today. We didnt make it or to the Mills cause she doesn't want to move to Concord. We did make it over to Rosemont in SC. They are in love wirh the Rome! She just started a blog, its called I have to check to see what she put as her screen name and let you know.

    Thanks hon. ((hugs))

  2. Found her! And I responded. If she wants to talk to more have her send me a PM on FB!

  3. Really cool pictures! We're building in Stanly, NC (pending final usda paperwork, finger's crossed!). Really looking forward to the building process! Thanks for sharing your story here! Its been really informative thus far. Keep it up! How much does a patio fireplace, like the ones pictured, usually cost?

  4. Hey Dash!! Welcome to blogging!! =) I my BFF lives out in Stanly! Great place!! =)

    The USDA loan is AWESOME!! Fingers crossed for you guys!

    As for the outdoor fireplace, I'm not sure. Let me get a contact from them safe to put here and I'll let you contact them at your leisure!

  5. Contact him at for quotes, estimates, more pics, ect.