Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flood Warning

Well the rain won't stop. We are under a flood warning now (my county is). My home is not located near any water, so I'm not worried about that. But we are expecting more rain today, tomorrow, and THURSDAY!!! Thursday being the day the foundation was suppose to be laid. So I'm guessing that probably won't happen until next week. I'm sure the ground is going need time to dry out a bit from all rain (again...flood warning issued today and much more rain expected. So I have NO idea when framing will start (was suppose to start Monday).


My first reaction was that I started to get upset. But then I remembered Who's hands I put this all in. I have to trust He has a plan if I understand it or not. And just know in my heart it will all work out when it's suppose too. Right?

Eventually, we will be in our home!! =)


  1. Right Noey! And hey who knows....maybe all the delays are lining you up for locking in a GREAT rate! Fingers crossed!

  2. We are always under flood warnings but apparently where we live we are not in danger from the flood. I remember I specifically asked NVR if we need flood insurance but she assured us that we do not need to because in our part of the county we are not in danger. Even though we were told not to worry it still worries me. At least we do not need to worry about tornadoes.