Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For BD: Avalons

I'm not as familiar with the Avalon model. Sorry guys. This is all I could I find:


  1. Wow, I am impressed Noey! You sure have a knack for doing these things finding all the awesome elevations. The models sure look soooo nice.

    By the way Noey can you see my post? I think something is wrong with my privacy setting somehow and someway it is hidden and I cannot unlock it. Help?

  2. Google Images is my friend. LOL

    I see this post and the one you did on your page. Not sure which one you are talking about...But I see you!! =)

  3. Awe are awesome!!! Will have to take a picture of mine when it is complete. A couple of these are similar, but none are the Elevation C that we are building, but the Avalon has been around for a is up to version 12. The picture I have on my blog is Elevation C and is almost exactly like what ours will look like. I took this picture of a home down around Washington, but it was the mirror image...did a little photoshop magic and bam...hopefully ours turns out as nice