Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Looks like good news in the way of interest rates!!

This the link I have been following DAILY!!!

check it out!!

and for quick daily check ups:


  1. When we signed the loan app last night, our NVR rep was explaining locking in to us. She said if you were to lock in today you would be locked at 4.385. Talk about dangling meat in front of a caged animal!! Hopefully come Joly the rates wont be too insane :(

  2. We can lock in after June 5th, so I'm watching like crazy!! We got an FHA # before all that other stuff happened so that was good too.

  3. This is interesting because we got our rate from NVR today and she said 4.5 so I am trying to ride it down to 4.35 or. 4.375. So hopefully, I get the same quote NVR gave Nooby tomorrow....fingers crossed!

  4. I got a quote from NVR the other day for a different # all together than both of these. We have to remember that our % rates are also based on our credit scores and risk assessment of the files they have on us. Just because "BEST EXECUTION" is 4.whatever, you could technically get a higher rate depending on variables.

    At least this is my understanding of it all.