Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ok Milan builders.....FYI

I went back out to home site today. I wasn't planning on it, but...let's just say I needed a pick-a-me-up.

I was surprised to see that they practically finished the downstairs!! They seem to working 1/2 days right now on the weekend. Which is fine by me!! They weren't even scheduled to start until tomorrow!! And now they are about 1/2 done! I am impressed. I tried to get pictures, but my camera's batteries died. =/

ANYWAY...I took a look at the milan next me. Just walked over the property line and peaked. They have the moisture barrier down. And it appears that 1. they have the fireplace the same place I do, and 2. It also looks as if they may get the same patio as us. We'll see.

So here is my thing to you Milan owners...

With the back of my house all framed and what have you, I realized I liked the length of the patio, but wished it went out away from the house into the yard more. =( So I guess I wish it was wider. Something to think about...seriously!!

I guess I will definitely need to save up for my friends hubby to come out and do some work. I would like some nice stone work to come off the patio I guess and have either a fire pit or a corner fireplace. We'll see. So that's always an option too. =)

Anyway...seriously consider making it wider! The length of the house is great, but it should be a little wider. Minimum of 3 ft wider I would think. Just my thoughts though!

If my Milan neighbors read this, this is for you:

Great house! Great ideas! Can't wait to see what your's looks out (outside). I did not go onto your property and will NOT without your permission. No worries!! It did look like they should be probably pouring the foundation in the next day or two and then start framing. You aren't far behind us at all!! If you read this, consider blogging...Would love to say hello!


  1. Good Morning This is my first time blogging I was not even aware of such an awesome network of friends looking out for each other. Thanks for the info on the home and I am Rocky your new neighbor. lol

  2. Welcome Rocky!!! Nice to meet you!! Are you my Milan neighbor?

    Welcome to our Ryan Homes E-neighborhood! =) We have been sharing our experiences with building with Ryan. And for the most part, we have all had wonderful experiences!! =) And it is nice to share the experience with people who are just as excited about the cleared lot and mound of dirt, and every single picture and thing along the way. It's been great!

    We share options, pricing, surprises, stages, concerns, fixes. All of it. It's great!

    Nice to meet you Rocky!! =) Congrats on your home!! =)

  3. Yes ma'am we are you milan neighbors. Thanks for the information I just happen to be searching the net this morning to get others experineces and ran into all these awesome people sharing their experiences. I was so happy to have seen yours because now I am able to meet who we will living next to for a big chunk of our lives.

  4. Well let me just say you have GREAT taste when it comes to floor plans! lol LOVE what you're building! And can't wait to see your elevation and colors! =)

    You guys aren't far behind us at all! It was last Friday our foundation was poured! They started framing on Sat. and Sunday (only working 1/2 days) and have most of the bottom complete now. Our roofers are scheduled for this Friday, and the plumbers for upstairs. So definitely keep in touch! It sounds like you may be at most 5 days behind us!

    Do you guys get to go out to the site often?

    A little about us: We will be married 12 years this fall, and have 3 girls (ages 2, 6, and 9). We also have a small dog. But he usually isn't yappy and is an indoor dog. And he's 7. So he's starting to get up there in age.

    If you guys have any questions, don't be afraid to ask us! That's what we're for! =)

  5. lol thank you we made some changes to the floor plan we got the fourth bedroom and instead of the second walk in closet in the master we reversed that closet to go to the bedroom next to it. we got the study room and upgraded our master bedroom. other than that we are going to wait on a lot of the upgrades because my little brother does it all so he'll be saving us some money. We go to the site almost everyday around 6:00pm thats when my wife gets out of work.

    we've been married for almost 10 years and are originally from Wisconsin. We have two girls 2 yrs. and 6yrs old and one baby boy on the way. we also have a small dashhound dog who is about 3 years old, he's such a good dog. Thank you

  6. My girls will be sooo excited!! They were wondering if they would have any girl friends there. LOL I told tried to tell them not worry, all in good time. They will be so excited to hear this!

    We upgraded our bath, did the 4th bedroom (have to with 3 kids) and also have the study (aka Play room). I think it's awesome you were able to put that closet into the other bedroom! We plan on using it for storage mostly. lol That was a great idea!

    It's also great that you have family to help you with upgrades!! Awesome!! =) I'm jealous! lol

    Maybe one day we'll bump into each other!

    I'm there usually sometime btwn 4 and 7 pm. lol Feel free to look around the house!! =) GL!!

  7. OH...and Congrats on the bundle of joy on the way!! =) Let us know when the time comes and she comes home from the hospital and I'll make ya'll a meal. =)

  8. lol. thank you. stay in touch...

  9. OMG Rocky!! You guys know a friend and old neighbor of mine...Heather!

  10. That is awesome. What a small she never did finish telling my wife that she knew who one of our neighbors was.. That is too funny.

  11. LOL Heather and I are in the same "Mommies" group and we are old neighbors! She is awesome. She was telling me how she knew ya'll. lol

  12. Thats good hopefully she told you good things about j/k whats also crazy is that we also know the family that was moving accross from us in the corner, they were supposed to be building a rome there. My wife and her are good friends who worked with each other before.

  13. She's in the Mommy group too!! They have a little boy, right? I don't know her as well. I met them at the model once. They seem great! Their little boy is precious! Small world!!

  14. Yup, thats them. They are really nice people. I stopped by yesterday at about 5:30pm and saw them working on your home. I wont tell you much unless you want me too, I dont want to ruin any surprise for you. Just let me know if you want me to give you any updates of your home while I too go look at mine?

  15. YAY!!! You just made me so happy!! I'm so glad!!

    We had an unexpected hit in our finaces, plus all the kids are sick, and then the ticket...I felt so bummed out yesterday. I'm glad they were just on a late lunch! Feel free to update whenever!! I love updates and it would save me gas. lol But it's nothing you need to feel you have to do.