Sunday, May 29, 2011


Walked through today and took some pics. Some of it is the damage I talked about before and then just other stuff.

WARNING: ROCKY...there is a pic of your house, so if you haven't seen it this weekend, don't look under the last section about our roof!

These bowed boards were all over the house

I am glad our super PM J. has already marked them! =)

Here are the broken windows
This one is the little decorative window in the front

This one is one of the windows in our Mstr Bdrom. The inside pane is fine. Notice the tint! =)

This is my middle girl in the fireplace. lol I love her. She'll be six in 10 days!

I think it was BD who asked if the stairs were temporary or the real is a pic

Here is some of the damage to the one stair

You can tell from the pics the front of the stair is splintered off, but what you can't tell is that the crack you see above the splinter is rather large and extends past the photo edges. This is the board I am going to talk to our PM about replacing. I can see it being a problem in a few years. Must be pine, not oak. lol

Does anyone know why they do this?


You can see the little bit of road next to our house and how the rest of it isn't there yet. We think that will be next phase of the development. Down past our house.

Our PM usually gets in touch with me on Fridays. But I haven't heard from him yet. I figure it's a holiday weekend, and expect to hear from him on Tuesday about what's next. I have our meeting with Guardian on Wed., and they are scheduled to do the work Thursday. I have to do this meeting by myself. My husband can't make it. Wish me luck!


  1. Aren't you getting carpet over the stairs anyway? Even if the stairs were like that, would the carpet cover it and not make it noticeable? Even so, yes, they should fix that.

  2. Maybe. But the crack is big enough to fit something through and extends most of the stair way. After years of kids running up and down them (even with carpet and padding) it will only get worse and eventually I will lose the whole front of that stair. You know? I have to think of the big picture. I don't want a temporary fix. I want a permanent one.

  3. Yeah, girl they are rolling. I have my meeting with Guardian also. Good luck.

  4. No loan news yet? We are all waiting to hear.

  5. Not yet Anon, but hoping this week!!

    Hope you aren't a potential neighbor that I've scared and no longer want to build if we get it. lol

  6. Im glad they are going to fix the step! You're right over time the step would eventually get worse. House is looking fabulous thus far and the pic of baby girl in the fire place is classic!

  7. Hey whats up noey its rocky. lol thanks for the heads up, but we usually stop by everyday and see the progress so its no problem. If you walk through our house you will also see some damaged boards and things inside. I brought that to J's attention quick. You should mention any little thing that you aint happy with to him. One thing that Im really worried about is a huge hole in my ceiling area and my slab on the outside area of the garage that dips down so much that it creates a huge puddle of water around the front door entry way.

  8. Hey Rocky!!!

    I am wondering about those holes up in the ceiling myself! Hubby and I saw your driveway!! I know what you mean. I wonder why in the WORLD it is like that??

    I'm getting ready to send J an email with stair pics and window pics so he knows.

    Thanks so much!! Let me know what they say!

  9. He gave me this story about the ceiling hole being made on purpose so some ventilation could come in and out. I did not buy that. If you can take a look at it and you will see that it doesnt make sense. anyway he said that for the driveway it will be fine that the ground once leveled and cleaned it will create the water to slide of towards the side of the house. Im not buying that either. I just agreed but I think Im going to hire someone to inspect the house during walk through just to make sure. J is a good guy but I cannot just take someones word for it. I didnt get a good feeling about it. You should inspect every little thing in your home and question everything. Dont settle for a basic answer. remember its more expensive for them to make these repairs again so they will find an excuse to make it seem ok.

  10. Our old house (which is was built in 2000) had the same thing in attic on both sides. My mom's house (built in 90) has a vented areas on the sides of the house, kinda like the vents in a house, only HUGE!!, to let it vent and have air flow. The problem with that is, it also lets in mice, bees, and wasps! SO I guess the big unsightly holes are the "new improved" way of doing things. *shrugs* I am still not a fan.

    I did send him the email and pics and my concerns. I told him we saw your drive way and have requested a FLAT one. We'll see what he says.

    My hubby's uncle is a custom home builder (Feeney Construction). We are getting him to come buy and inspect the place for us ... hopefully if his schedule allows. I love these people to death so far, but like you, this is OUR home and we aren't taking chances!

  11. The hole in the wall near the roof is almost definitely for ventilation and there on purpose. They probably took the shortcut and just bashed the hole rather than actually cutting it. I've seen this done on many homes. Once the siding is up on the house there should be a vent covering the hole. The attic needs to be vented and it is usually done with a vent at either end like this and a ridge vent running along the top.

  12. Hey there Anon! =)

    My PM did tell me those were holes were there so the crane could lift the sections up onto the house during framing. They were patched inside and out before siding and drywall began.