Monday, May 23, 2011

Bummer =/

So my darling husband (DH) leaves some papers for work at home this morning. I go and run them up to him and since I'm up that way anyway, I take care of an errand he usually runs, for him. What do I get for that? A ticket. Yup. A $168 ticket for an expired tag. BLAH

I had to make two of my girls dr. appts for tomorrow. They aren't feeling well.

And...of course...I drove by the house. I was so sad. At first I thought "NO PROGRESS!! WHAT!" And then I realized a few things.

1. They did "some" work. They laid big beams across the top of the first floor. I would venture to call them supports for the second floor. That was it. That's all they did. It was 2:15 and they had all gone home. Except...

2. There was guy napping? Resting? In my house!! I think he was one of the workers on the Naples next door. They were putting it's brick up.

Now it is like 92 degrees today and humid. I understand taking a break and needing shade. Maybe he was sun sick. Who knows. I waved. He waved back and went right back to laying down. Really dude? Hope you feel better.

Man, they threw that Naples up in 2 days!! Tons of workers there after 5 both days. My house...I get 3 workers (have seen them) and they apparently only work until noon and quit. =/ This frustrates the TAR out of me.

I know they have until Thursday to get it all done but....

We REALLY need closing moved up a week if possible. My husband's work is complicated and getting the time off to move AND get our rental cleaned up is going to take time he doesn't have. The end of the month is a no no for him to take off of work. We really need to close a week before they are saying.

So when I saw they were working over the weekend, I was stoked! I thought we'd start being ahead of schedule and I can't tell you how much that thrilled me! I also thought they only worked 1/2 days b/c it was the weekend. Apparently not. I want the Naples workers. And no. I'm not kidding. No "lol" here. I want people who will work until the job is done. Just like I saw the Naples workers doing. Just like I am seeing workers on another house contracted after us doing. They are also there until around 5 every day.

How come we have the lazy workers?

I'm sorry. Getting a ticket and have 2 of my 3 kids sick has bummed me a bit. And I guess I'm taking it out on the poor workers. If I don't have a second story tomorrow, I may flip out. Needless to say I WILL be going by tomorrow afternoon to see what's going on. If they take a 1/2 day again, I am going to call my PM and see if this is the norm.

I'm just bummed today I guess. I feel like at this rate, Rocky's (my neighbor!!!) Milan will be finished before mine. That would be bad. Not for him. I bet he'd love it. lol But I sure wouldn't lol

Oh well. I guess it will be what it will be. I'm just bummed.


  1. That is a bummer! Our house had the same slow start...our wood was sitting out for about a week before they began building the frame.

    Our estimated closing date was the first week of July...but now our confirmed closing day is June they may push yours up too :)

  2. It is a bummer, but I have a question for you...Does your sales rep and PM know that you want your date pulled in a week...if they don't then it's most likely not going to happen. They work on a pretty tight schedule as is. It could be that other things couldn't be done on other houses and that's why they did some work on yours...or maybe(outside the guy taking a nap) they are working on yours in the morning and another house in the afternoon...getting individual tasks done...for install the support beams for your second floor most likely required a crane of some sort. Not everyone can operate one of those and the crane crew probably came in and did their thing and left.

  3. I agree with BD, they may just have a rotation set for the houses. Your house may also have some materials needed or on order or something like that...
    Now I have no explanation for the workers napping...that must have been akward!
    I'm sorry you got that ticket and I hope your kids feel better! It seemed like it took forever for ours to go up too (granted ours is a building with several units) but once the framing is up, it will go fast.
    If anything, your closing may get pushed back as opposed to getting pushed forward in my opinion. Like BD said, they work on a tight schedule. Would it help if it were pushed back a week instead of pushed up?

  4. No cran...3 men there this a.m. laying the beams down and nailing them in. This afternoon.... no one. I haven't seen a crane yet on any lot I don't think.

    Each house has a different crew on it. You there are only 3 houses under construction in the whole neighborhood right now, The Naples, Mine, and one more up the street. Oh...and of course my neighbors are waiting for their concrete to be poured. But haven't started framing. Different crews on different homes. The other 2 homes have had crews there all day every day. Mine seem to only work 1/2 days. *shrugs*

    We have told both our PM and our Rep that the sooner the better. We've gone from a possible close date of the 25th to the 22nd. So we are moving in the right direction. Our PM said roofers are scheduled out this Friday, along with the plumbers, so it needs to be done by then. So I am assuming (and that may be my downfall . . . admittedly) that they are just taking their time because they have all week. Who knows. Then again, they could have been taking a long, late lunch. You never know. *shrugs again*

    I will be informing my PM on Friday again the sooner the better. My DH's work needs to know a close date first week in June in order to finish the July schedule. I'm going to see if he can't help us out with this.

  5. I can see how it's frustrating, but like BD and ACP said, it might just be the order they do things. They are still ahead of schedule it seems since they started over the weekend, so don't fret yet. It's still only Monday. :) Our framing was started and completed in just a few days, so there is plenty of time. But the guy napping...I hope he had a good excuse. Or maybe that's just how he uses his lunch hour, instead of chatting with his coworkers? Just a thought. I hope your girls feel better soon!

  6.!!!! We have to be out of our rental Aug 1st!!!

  7. Becky: I kinda had that thought too...on break of some sort or maybe sick. You never know. Especially in this heat and humidity we have right now.

    Like I said...just a bad day and taking it out on the poor workers. They are doing a good job. It just gets frustrating to see other 2 homes under construction have CONSTANT attention and work. And none on your own. You know?

    I am now taking all 3 kids to urgent care when they open. All 3 are sick. fun fun fun.

  8. Sorry guys.... I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I can't tell you how grateful I am for even having this opportunity to give my kids a good life. I guess I'm in a funk. And I was hoping a drive by (twice today...don't tell my hubby!) would help. And it didn't. Which just funked me out more.

    I am grateful we have the closing date we do and aren't later. If it gets moved up, great!! That would be perfect! But if not, at least it's not any later and in the end we will have a wonderful place to call our own. =)

    I have seriously got to find my sunnier side. It must be behind one of these clouds I have got hanging around. I'll get better ya'll. Promise. sorry for being a debbie downer.

  9. Hey noey, I'm slowly catching up on my blogs kind of hard to do through my cellphone hehe. I'm typing this in cali. Sorry about the tickets that sucks! I understand about driving by and seeing no work progress has been done. Look at the bright side your house WILL be done and have brand new sparkling home and what's even cooler you will have a a super awesome free vacation coming up sweet! Knowing that should brighten your spirits a bit.

    Me on the otherhand will not be seeing any new progress on my house at least for another week and no drivebys for me sob! Lol I gotten pretty attached to my drivebys so I envy you for doing the drivebys :).

  10. Hey Girl!!

    Exactly. I have been on an emotional roller coaster and yesterday I just a hit a major low. And they DID work on my house until 5:30 at least (Thanks Rocky!!)

    I'm going to try to keep the end game more in mind and not put so much emphasis on the here and now. . . . Well, I'm going to TRY!! lol