Monday, May 16, 2011

Updates and my experience with Ryan Homes so far.

Good News: THEY FIXED THE GARAGE!! IT'S NOW SIDE ENTRY!! I wonder if we can fit the van and his car in there? All the plumbing has been covered with a pastic tarp. Waiting for inspections and then hopefully on Thursday, we'll have a slab!!! =)

Toured our street!!

We are the corner. Directly across from us on the other corner is A Naples. Across from us is a Rome. Next the Rome, I have no clue. Next to us on the other side...I have not clue... Either Venice, Milan, or Naples. Two lots down from that is a Milan and across from that Anon is building another Milan!

So that's 3, maybe 4, of my style house on my tiny little street!! I wonder what options everyone else has and what elevations and colors they have. Man, why can't they be blogging too! lol

I am excited so many people love the the house we are also getting. I am curious as to what they all have. But I'm also a little sad there will be so many of us too in like an 10 lot street. I hope we all look different! I now we all will love our homes!!! That's the most important thing. =)

There is another home who is on Crawl SPace that has busy worker bees working and the crawl space looks almost done. No plumbing put in though. So maybe I am ahead of them. I hope so. We were lead to believe we were 2nd in line. I like that feeling. =) I'll be upset if other homes start going up before ours. But what can you do?

Our Loan Officer has NOT gotten back to us (please see last post about issues). I didn't figure she would until tomorrow or Wed. Then we probably won't get the final version until Friday. I hope that it's all fixed tomorrow!! I'm tired of delays. I'm tired of everyone asking us if we know, and we keep telling them, "No. Another week or two." And then we hear, "you said that last time". All the delays have been frustrating. I am really am going to start praying hard for NO MORE DELAYS!!!

As much as I would love to get this stuff all done this week, it just hasn't been the way anything as gone for us. So best to prepare for the worst. I am just about prepared to walk away from my deposit and from the whole mess....just about.... I'm not that crazy yet. lol But if they keep dropping the ball, I'm going to take it as a sign. Hopefully they will all surprise me! And this can get done. My little girl wants an answer before her b-day, and so does her Mommy!

Going to send my Ryan Rep ANOTHER email. I have asked her a question twice now about HOA fees and mortgages and she has NOT gotten back to me yet. And she is always so busy, every time we have been at the model, she doesn't answer the phone. So Email again!!

So here is my Ryan experience so far:

Rep is extremely nice and friendly. A good person. But HORRIBLE at communication. She never gets back to me in a timely manner. I do love her though. She has been very knowledgeable as well.

Cement guys framed the house wrong and took a week to fix it. But at least it's fixed. And now my garage will be right (fingers crossed)

And the people involved with this loan have been extremely slow, and have now dropped the ball with having 5 issues in the one application wrong. They too never get back to you the same day, and you are lucky to hear from them in 24 hours.

As much as I love this home, this is turning more into a nightmare than a fun journey to our dream home.

Thus why I am just about ready to walk away. Again, not there yet...but getting close. All the loan stuff was suppose to be done April 15th. It's now May 16th and counting. If we don't have an answer by May 31, I may just walk away. No amount of money is worth the headache this all has been. I hope everyone else in there is having a better experience than me.

*edited to add*
I was venting when I wrote this. The stress had gotten to me. My Rep and PM really are amazing. And I know that Ryan has finally decided to assign help over at the model to help our Rep. She's been swamped!!! And both ladies have been incredible. I wasn't being very fair when I wrote I some of this... I was stressed b/c of waiting on our home loan final approval and dealing with A LOT in our personal lives (death in the family, state testing for my eldest, my grandfather in ICU, ect.) Everyone has been more than gracious to us. They have done their best to get information to us as quickly as possible. And they have been, truly, awesome!!


  1. Wow I really do hope that Ryan gets their act together, pick up the ball and never put it down!

    In our area they do a cost analysis with you before you option selection and after that details your exact monthly, you HOA fees, any water/sewer fees/ insurance etc. and an estimate of closing cost based on a 15th settlement date.

    About twin models...I know the correct thing to feel about our same model on our street is "Aw wow, we have the same impecable taste" But I really feel like-- please don't put a model just like mine next to me, and if you can help it, I'd appreciate no more than 1 MAYBE 2 on our street and please let us all look different!!!! That's wrong and selfish but honest.

    Shame on me but hey..... i get where you are coming from!

  2. I hate admitting that...but ya....that's how I feel. We all have great taste, but please God let us look different! lol

    I think I'm just frustrated beyond anything with this whole experience so far. I know once I'm in the house, it will all have been worth it, but I feel like there have been way too many people "dropping the ball". You know?

  3. Hang in there Noey!! Anything worth doing is worth the wait....and agrivation! Just picture yourself sipping tea (or coffee, or soda, or VODKA lol) in your new kitchen with your new yard where your daughter is playing, looking out at your new neighborhood! We're nervous too...but everyone who I know that has built down here (I work at Disney world and a LOT of my cast members have built their homes....I guess im just late to the party...typical) they all say its such a frustration, draining process but so worth it in the end. To step into a home your know is YOURS...not just one that someone else doesn't want. Hang in there...God is watching over your family and everything will work out in the end. PLUS we would all miss your blog WAY too much! :)

  4. LOL Champagne! LOTS OF IT!! That is what I plan on celebrating with! I knew moving was stressful, I just never anticipated this much frustration in the building process. DUH!!!

    I love this house. My Dh and children LOVE this house. They'd have to screw up pretty bad for us to walk away. But sometimes the thought does enter my brain....not for long mind you! But just knowing it would end the frustration. Ya know?

    This is our dream house! I just want the bad part of this dream to end so we get on to the happy ending. lol I guess I just need to let off some steam. I have been a little stressed out. Can you tell? I have had a lot going on in my personal life. This business with the loan is really getting to me. lol

    But you're right, our first night in our home, with champagne, the kids all in their own rooms...That will be sooooooooo worth it!!!

  5. This is what the blog is for its a way for us to go into details of our lives and rant about the house building journey alongside with the troubles that comes with it. The house gives us a wide range of emotions from excitement to nervousness to frustration. At the end of the journey when the houses are completed then the journey is all worth it! Its the getting there that can be long and winding.

    Hang in there Noey you have gotten this far and your lot has been dug and soon enough will be framed!

  6. Ditto what Stephanie said...I know it is hard, but forget about the loan and just enjoy the building process.

  7. Hang in there Noey. God will work things out for you.