Sunday, May 8, 2011


I was fooling around tonight online and guess what I found...


Well, our Elevation with the colors we picked!! The only difference is, we have the side entry garage (or we do at least at the time this is being posted. lol)

We never got to see the colors on real house... so imagine our surprise when I ran across this! I tried to copy the picture to my computer so I could post it. But Ryan Homes has it so you can't do that to their websites. SO here's the link if you're interested.

FOUND IT elsewhere it is!


  1. Looks great and the colors look fantastic! Hopefully today you will hear something new on your loan. :) been thinking of you.

  2. Oh thank Stephanie!! That means a lot!

    This post has gotten lots of views but you are the only one to have commented. I guess no one else likes it. Oh well. We love it! =)

    Hubby is checking in today with the either the loan rep or the mortg. rep. We'll see. All in good time. =)

  3. Nope, no one else has responded because you have cooties Noey, lol. Sorry I couldn't resist. I'm glad you were able to find a pic. We actually found a real life example of ours in a community closer to our old place. But nothing compares to seeing it on your house.

    I hope ya'll get good news today. I may not respond to all of your posts, but I'm reading just in case you get the answer. Hugs

  4. Cooties!! That explains it!! I figured I wasn't very well liked. *shrugs* lol

    Thanks hon!