Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grundle Mumph!!

So we sat down tonight to sign the final application for the Mortgage company. It's all filled out, all we had to do was review it and sign here, here, here, here, here, and here. Oh and here too. lol

Unfortunately...we only signed 2 pages and gave up. There 5 mistakes in the application.

1. Husband name is wrong on every page
2. Loan amount is wrong (it's $30 to high! lol)
3. They have our amount down off by $3200. I want credit for all my $ please. lol
4. They have us down as 1st time home buyers. Um...NOPE!
5. They checked off NO b/k. Uh...hello!! You know we do.

So 5 pretty good mistakes in the application. I think she was in a hurry to get it to us, so kuddos to her on that aspect. But now we issues. =/ No sense in signing every page (since his name is wrong on them all). So tomorrow my DH is going to call her and tell her of all these errors (this is why it's important to READ THROUGH everything!) So she needs to correct all the errors and re-fax it. Now I know it sounds like it's something she should be able to do in no time, but nothing during this whole process has happened in the time we were told is "should" take. So God only knows when we get the final, corrected, application. I'm thinking Wed. or Thursday. Then we will go back through it, sign away, and pray for the final approval.

So that's my status update. BLAH! More delays. What else is new. =/ Grundle Mumph. However, if the weather cooperates, I should have pics of a beautiful poured slab this week! =) I swear if it weren't for progress on the lot, I'd lose my mind totally!!! Please keep us in you prayers this next week as we undergo final underwriting! DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN!!!! lol


  1. Still praying for you guys! I can't believe all of those mistakes, they must have really been in a huge rush, some of those are quite significant. You should concentrate your efforts towards packing for your awesome vacation to keep your mind off things. :)

  2. Wow I agree with Becky those are HUGE, HUGE mistakes they are not minor. I mean 5 of them come on! Now with the added headache, delays, ugh I don't know how you managed to stay sane LOL I would go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there girl you have all of us behind you rallying you on. Hopefully those issues will be fixed QUICKLY and get the final approval much faster. Hugs to you.

  3. How wrong is his name on the papers? Like, did they just forget a Jr. or a middle name, or did they actually write a totally different first name or middle or last name? Geez. Sorry. said loan amt is too high...I'm not sure, but I think the application is like an estimate, (good faith estimate) and it can change for the final, when they do the figures it may come out less? or a little more when all is said and done?

  4. Thanks ya'll!! You have no idea what last 2 1/2 months have been like.

    My grandfather's illnesses, his grandfather dying, my grandfather was the ICU this weekend for a blood transfusion needed b/c of a complication on a previous procedure, my eldest is acting out some now, we trying to pre-pare for this trip and end of school activities with the kids, ... And all this with the house loan too!

    I am not holding it together well anymore, I can tell you that. My poor DH takes the brunt of it.

    I'm trying not to get upset about so many big mistakes. Things happen. Right? It's just made me more nervous than ever!!!

  5. You know were all still praying for you honey. I think we will all be celebrating when you get that final approval. As far as the loan application, I think there should not have been any mistakes for all the time it took for them to get it to you. However, what's done is done. I agree with Becky, you have a great vacation ahead of you to pack for....the beautiful island of Atlantis! I'm so jealous!

  6. ANON: His first name is Jonathan. They have it Johnathan.

    I don't mind them estimating a bit high, but I want credit for that extra $3200 we put down. lol

    It should come out a little less I think, when all is said and done. =)

  7. Any new news about the mistakes on the application? Did your husband call about the mistakes? Hope all goes well with that.:)

  8. He called her this morning and left her message also stating that we REALLY wanted this done today. Chances are though it will take her a few days to get back to us. She NEVER get's back to us same day. It's usually a min. of 2 days.

    It is what it is. I can't make her fix it any faster than she will. So I practice deep breaths and concentrate on the good things.

    However, if I go out to the site later and they have NOT fixed my garage, I may go postal.