Monday, May 9, 2011

Update on Garage issue (2 or so posts ago)

I emailed our PM and sent him pics with my concerns that the garage looked like it was staked to be a front entry instead of side entry. This was response I got:

Hey *Noey*, I hope you are doing well. They did the boxing work late Friday and yes they do have the garage incorrect. I have already spoken with the concrete contractor and he will make the correction by wed., before the plumbers start.

It was good to hear from you. We should be getting the start this wed. After that we will do the plumbing and then the concrete.

Thanks, and have a good day

So yay! I caught a HUGE mistake!! And he was quick to get back to me, quick to make sure the issue was addressed and will be fixed, polite, and now I know what's going this week too! =)

I am so glad I live like 10 minutes from the home site so I can drive by and check these things out!


  1. Nice catch....I would hope the PM found the mistake himself and that it wasn't your email which brought it to his attention. Either least it was caught.

    Things like this have us worried as well...we have soooo many structural options selected on ours and the big one is the option to close in the family room instead of having it 2-stories...not only does it change the family room, but it totally changes the layout of the entire 2nd floor...EVERYTHING, is different!!! You can be sure we will be visting quite frequently(daily maybe) the first couple weeks till the foundation and framing/roof/windows are done.

  2. GOOD CATCH!!! I'm glad it was caught early enough to not create huge problems! I wish I had your eye! :)

  3. Wow, good thing you caught that!! Good Eye Girl ;)