Thursday, May 26, 2011

long post...lots of pics

Went out to the house tonight. I took the two older kids in one at time to look around. No one was there tonight. Good for them! They were amazed! It was so exciting to see them so excited. And I was really blown away at my middle girl. She knew which rooms were where, where closets were, without being told. They were so excited, and it warmed my heart to see it.

Afterward we went to my mom's and told her my sister about it. The looks I got said it all. The "Why in the WORLD would you take them and let them get excited about something that isn't final yet?" They don't have any faith in this, or us, or this loan it seems. I couldn't wait to share it all with them, and I left so disappointed. My mother had a short conversation with me. She pretty much said she wasn't going to the house until approval came through. She'd get excited then. Broke my heart. I wanted so bad for them to be excited WITH us. My MIL was excited and prayed over it. At least someone in my family is on my side. I know they are just worried about us. They are wanting to protect themselves from the disappointment they feel we are going to get. In a way I understand wanting to protect yourself, but in another way I am hurt by their lack of faith in us or this, and their apparent poor attitude about it all.

Oh well...silver lining....ok... When this approval comes through, I'll have to think of a clever way to show my mom and tell her out at the house. I'd love to get her out there and give her the good news. I have a few ideas.... But am open to more! Ideas anyone? are the pics. I do have a some questions...


Ok...what is this?
I know another blogger had pictures of this in their garage too...what is it exactly??

Window Ratings!! You bet I'll be googling this!! lol

Our plans and stuff!

Girl's upstairs hall bath tub!! And plumbing. =)

My Eldest chillin in her room

Master bath!! The seat is in the shower ladies and gentlemen!! =D

The back of the house

So that's the updates! I'll discuss the door issue in another post soon!


  1. Oh Noey, I'm do sorry hon. I understand you want them to be happy for you but don't ever let them kill your joy. Don't ever lose your faith that this is going to happen for you. We believe and have faith, it's not the same as having your family be supportive I know but your not alone. We are here cheering for you.

    Your daughter is beautiful.

  2. Hi Noey! The "feature" in your garage is a steel support beam. It supports the weight of the house above the garage. The wooden 'cage' around it will allow it to be neatly hidden with drywall. The side load garage is very cool. I like it!

  3. Minaq: Thank you so much! I'm not letting them kill my joy. I'm upset that they can't share in it with me...but it is what it is. I am the farmer that is preparing for rain (do you know this story in scripture?) =)

    And thank you about my daughter. ♥

    Steve: YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Thank you so much!! DH thought it was structural, but we weren't sure!! And thanks!!!

  4. ROCKY: If you catch this post, I had another picture further out that also showed your house, but I didn't want to mess up anything for ya'll. lol Your house looks great!

  5. You will be approved and all will be well! Some people just see the world in black and white only. Her feels will all be settled in due time!!! Until then, you have each of us!!!! The house is coming together nicely! Love the model! Isnt it grand when the kids can share in this with you? It feels so good that they are onld enough to know that this is a blessing and to appreciate it!

  6. I agree with what Minaq2 says. Your efamily has your back and hoping your loan will be approved and sunshine and happiness will envelope your family. Enjoy the process with your hubby and kids. You guys work hard and deserve some good in your life.

    As for your garage...Steve beat me to it...while I was looking at larger versions of your pics he posted the answer...assuming that is what you were asking about.

  7. Ya'll have no idea how much your support has meant to me. Thank you so much!!! There really are no words....

    LaLady: They do understand that it's a huge blessing. They pray for it and ask if the bank has given us the answer yet. They know, we keep them informed. And you're right...It is nice to share this with them. It's something I hope they'll always remember. =)

  8. The most important thingi that you are open with your kids and explain what is happening with the house. I think it is important to keep the kids in the loop about what is going on with the loan and they understand what is happening. Keep on praying and think positive thoughts. It will happen but the journey is just more winding instead of the straight and narrow adventure. Remember we all have your backs here on the blog.

  9. Steph: They are definitely in the loop! They know we are waiting to hear from the bank. And we have explained the whole process in as simple terms as possible. They are excited, but are fully aware of the situation. =) I would never just blindly walk them into something like this. You know? They know that if they come home from school to special snack of "kids wine" (sparkling grape juice...they love it but only get it on New Year's)and a special treat for snack, we got the loan from the bank. The do ask a few times a week though. They want their own rooms so bad. lol

    I had this crazy thought today...that the destination is the dessert. In this case, our house. But the "meat and potatoes" (so to speak) is in the journey. I have learn a lot about myself during this journey. And am trying to make a lot of changes. So it hasn't been for nothing. I keep a hand written journal and it's amazing to read back through it. lol

    Thanks ya'll for being here. It means so much more than you can imagine. =)