Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just love my PM!!!

My PM has got to be THE BEST PM in all the area if not the southeast!!

He has moved up our pre-settlement walk-thru to the 20th with closing on July 22nd!!! He is most awesome!!

Apparently he tried to send me an update on Friday, and I never got it. =( So he re-sent it! He is so knowledgeable and friendly!! I think my Rep and PM will definitely be getting 10's at this point! =D I could not be more thrilled!!

Ok..enough of bragging about J. Here is what we have on the schedule for this week:

Mon: HVAC starts followed by electricians
Wed. we meet with Guardian
Thurs. Guardian does the wiring

When the electricians have completed their work they will begin on the siding!! =) (I'm assuming this means next week)

Next Wed. is our pre-drywall!!!! It's also my little girl's 6th birthday! =) He suggested our inspector come out Friday or this weekend to look around and get his report together so we can discuss it at the pre-drywall meeting. =) So I'm guessing this means that by this Friday, all our inside stuff will be done! (again why I'm thinking next week will be siding).

Now our super Awesome PM, J., will be out of town starting next Thursday through the weekend. So no update next Friday on the following week. Maybe he'll have a few ideas on Wed. But he did leave us a name to contact if we had any questions. =) Always looking out for us!

SO pretty soon, I'll have outside pics that look pretty! lol

I'm so excited! Still waiting on the loan news, but it's all good. =)


  1. Noey tomorrow is the first of the month....so that means.....all of May's closings will be OVER so they can focus on your loan! Yay!!!!

  2. =) YUPPERS!!! That is what I'm telling myself!

  3. Great news! I should be hearing from my PM tonight, since he didn't call yesterday. But I expect to hear something similar.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing the good news.

  4. We seem to be on the same schedule ATNS, so I'm curious as to what your PM has to say too!

  5. Noey..to add pics to pages when you are creating a page..click the compose tab (nect to HTML) and from there you can upload pics and other stuff too.

  6. Hi Noey814, I came across your blog while researching Ryan Homes. Just wanted to thank you for all of the valuable information on your blog!

    Good luck with building your home!

  7. Thank Lady!!

    SweetSpot: WELCOME to Ryan Homes ever growing E-neighborhood! lol I have a list of tons of people who blog about Building with Ryan. Take a look at them!! Glad you are now part of our blogging community!

    Happy to meet you!! Welcome!

  8. Wow, your PM definitely deserves a 10! That is great news with your closing date and getting to move in to your new house sooner. Yay, now all you need to do is hear back from your loan and hopefully you will hear back from them soon.

  9. Lots of great info we just started our process on our venice and decided to blog because of all these great posts

  10. Congrats Sen! leave a link so we can follow!