Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So far so good....NOTHING =/ but I'm improving! lol

So I went by the lot home site today. Originally we were told we would "break ground" the 10th (yesterday). Then last week we were told today. No one was there today working on our lot. So no work yesterday or today. =/ And the wrong garage is STILL there. They still haven't fixed it. >=/

Now we did have horrible storms last night and this morning, so I wasn't really expecting much in the way of people working today. However, I get out there and the Naples next door...WOW. They started framing yesterday, and today it is framed, wrapped, and they were framing the roof!! Lots done! (I was out there last night at quarter til 5. They only had the bottom framed. Before noon today this all was done. Impressive.).

Across of us, the PM was out there with them looking over the lot (the pre-con meeting). So stuff was getting done, just not on our lot. It sat deserted and empty. My first reaction was why? =( We are on a time schedule. We HAVE to be out before Aug. 1 and have enough time to get this rental we are in cleaned up and the walls touched up and painted (need the 3 kids OUT to do that).

Then I took a deep breath and realized...It's only one day. One day delay is not going to hurt anything. I'm still worried the garage issue hasn't been fixed yet, but hoping it will be soon. A few more deep breaths and I thought, "I'll just have to be patient". Let's face it, I still have NO clue about the final approval on the loan. All this was started back in Feb. So what's another a day in the long run? (or 2?) I have waited this long for things. Another day or two won't matter much. I'm not in control here. I have to remember that. Everything happens for a reason, right? And with that, I went on my way. I think, for me, this was a HUGE step on the road to patience. lol

I did stop by the shell of our clubhouse-to-be and took pictures. It still needs a lot of work, it is just a shell. But I know one day it will be done! =)

Here are the pics:

The front

The Back

I think when it's all said and done it's going to be nice!! Can you imagine the courtyard with lights across the top for a party? (like white Christmas lights or something)

So that's where things stand here. That's my update.


  1. That's a beautiful club house! WOW! This process definitely tests patience and grows it at the same time. We started in Februaty and if my lot was still bare, I would probably only have a pacth of hair and one tooth because i would have pulled it all out in anxiety. So you my dear, are doing EXTREMELY well all things considered!

  2. LOL Thanks Lady!! I appreciate it! I am not a patient person. I'll admit it! It's a trait that doesn't exactly run the family. LOL But I have grown by leaps and bounds during this process. I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm growing! lol

  3. LOL @ Lalady hilarious with a patch of hair and one tooth. Too funny! I never have been good with patience in fact I detest it. How many houses are there that is being build do you know? My PM this morning said 6 houses are being build in our area all at the same time and I'm thinking holy cow that is a lot. There is a Chantilly across the street from me and a Springbrook next door. It is pretty cool to see the variety of models and knowing the neighbors next to you will not have the exact same model as the one you own.

    You are the reigning champion of patience and I agree with LaLady you are doing extremely well. :)

    As for the clubhouse pictures they look fantastic! I am curious on the back of the house with the brick part will that be a fireplace? It looks like it. I am might jealous of that clubhouse our neighborhood don't have that but the good part is we do have a duck pond across the street from where we live so yay for that my little daughter will be wanting to feed the ducks. Hopefully we will hear some updates soon on your lot.

  4. Stephanie: Right now, I know of 8 under contract!! We are the second contract and the second to get started. =)

    It looks like 2 fireplaces in back of the club house. One has a hearth, one doesn't. *shrugs*
    Where is BD when you need him? He is full of neat knowledge. I bet he could explain it! LOL

    I can't wait until they add the pool back there!

    You have a duck pond!!!?? WOW!! I remember feeding the ducks with my dad as kid. It is a great memory of mine!! =) Enjoy that!!