Monday, May 2, 2011

exciting news and clarification

First the clarification:

Many of you have been keeping us in your prayers. I CANNOT tell you how much that means to me right now. You all have come to mean so very much to me, and that you would do this, thank you.

At least one of you was a bit confused on the granddad situation so I wanted to clarify.

MY grandfather (Pop pop) Has lung cancer and Alzheimer's. He goes this Thursday to see if he also has colon cancer.

My husband's grandfather (Great Dad) is at his home with Hospice care right now. All his meds (but the morphine) have been stopped. He is the one we went to see last night. He isn't waking up any more and his pupils do not respond to light at all. He will be with Jesus by week's end. =(

I can't thank you all enough for being here for me, for us. *great big hugs*

Now...something a bit exciting!

I wanted to share this with you all more than I do anyone else! I have already called my mom, and his mom has her hands full right now with her dad. I can't keep this in and I need to share this, and I would rather be with you folks then some of the people in our day-to-day life, as you are MUCH more supportive.

My husband has worked at the same place of business for over 10 years. He has gotten small raises and changes in title, but nothing major. His boss has been talking promotion, and now it looks like it may come to pass!!! This means a minimum of $12-15 THOUSAND dollars a year!!! MINIMUM!!! It has the potential to be $20-25 thousand dollars a year more. OMGosh!! I can't believe it!! He has worked so hard for this. I mean, can you imagine how much change that kind of money would make in your lives?

It does come with some draw backs... In short more 12 hour days. =( But... it is only about 5 1/2 hours more a week than he has been working all year. He called me tonight to talk about it some. I support him. I told him that it would be an adjustment and to give us both about 3 months to work out the kinks. I'm no idiot. As wonderful as the money will be, I also know he and I both will need to adjust separately and together. I know it will take it time, but I also know after all we've been through, we can do it. We WILL do it!

But wow. You have NO idea what this mean for us. No more sacrificing our needs for our kids needs. ALL NEEDS CAN BE MET!! What is that like? Not wants...NEEDS!

This home, this raise... It's like a dream. Can this really be happening? I know ya'll don't know all the ups and downs we have had in the marriage, but let's just say we've put in the time. We've come through a lot!

Nothing is 100% yet, but let's just say his boss is performing the last of the formalities before offering it to him. I'm so very proud of him. I will support him in this. It's going to give our kids a better life. Starting with this house.

I'm so excited. With all the "stress" we have going on in our lives right now, this house and this promotion do more than you know to lift our spirits. They are LIFE CHANGING!!!

Anyway, thanks for listening. I just HAD to let it out!


  1. Congrats to you guys Noey! You all deserve done good luck right now!

  2. Dang auto's supposed to say

  3. It's okay Minaq, you were so excited for Noey that you couldn't type, lol

    Noey this is what I'm talking about. You let go and let God and something that you weren't expecting gives you a huge blessing. Congrats

  4. Wonderful news Noey! And congrats to your husband!! I'm so glad to hear about a little ray of sunshine peeking through for you right now. :)

  5. God is good all the time. He may not come when you want him but he's always right on time. Congratulations and enjoy it all!

  6. Yay, like becky says a little ray of sunshine and let that sunshine continue to provide you some more good news such as the house approval. :) we all are thinking of you. Your husband works hard to provide for you all and he definitely deserves it! Hugs to you and your family.

  7. Congrats. It's amazing how the world works. Even when things appear their darkest, rays of light always find their way through. We wish you the very best and we will continue to pray for you.