Friday, May 20, 2011

Check out my wood!! =P

Today's progress:

I got great wood!

Best wood EVAH!!! Hard to believe...all this is my house.

Roof!! This is going to be my roof.

Morning Room =) I can already see my kitchen table in there!

PATIO Enough room for grill, fire pit, and seating! =) And yes, the fireplace is there. Still plenty of room. =)

Garage, front stoop, house

Framing scheduled to start Monday, but PM said they might start tomorrow. By Friday I hope to have roofers and plumbers there! =) And DH called our PM about the scare another blogger had with plumbing. He wants to make sure it's done right. Should be an exciting week ahead!


  1. Your poured concrete looks soo pretty and smooth. Yip hip hurray for wood! Just wait till the wood is up and you will want to do a little dance! House building is FUN! Once they start framing its gonna go fast. :)

  2. Yaaaay for your wood! Now were about to get some action! :)

  3. WOOHOO!!! So exciting! You're not too far behind us. That's a nice looking pile of wood. :)

  4. Thanks ya'll! =)

    LMBO @ Chelly!!