Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!! They did something!!

We drove by the lot today and wow! I wasn't expecting what I saw at all! We have a lovely black tarp fence around the property. And the whole base of the place had a wood outline! I didn't have my camera (bad Noelle!) so I tried to snap a few pics with my touch screen cell phone at 1 pm on a very sunny day. What does this mean? I means I couldn't see what in the world I was shooting at! lol I see if I can't salvage a pic or two.

It was a great Mother's Day gift to see that work done. They are suppose to "break ground" on Tuesday, but to looks like they have. lol

I also got a new washer and dryer today, with the help of my sister and BIL (Brother-in-law). My washer's door is breaking and I just hate it. I will NEVER own another front load washer again!! My dryer works great but is 10 years old. Might as well get a matching set...both energy star! That should help. They are the top of the line LG TOP loader models. I'll see if I can't find some pics on line later.

My sister and BIL let us put it on their store card (12 months no interest plus an extra 5% off for using the card. And we neg. price). We pay them 1/2 now and promised to make payments and have the rest paid off by the end of the year. Aren't they great!!!???
I guess this can erase her taking my mom and baby sister to see the house without me. lol So we are calling these my Mother's Day present. lol It was need, that could have waited about a month, but if we got it now, DH was off the hook for Mother's Day. Plus they said they have a price guarantee for 30 days. So if it the price is lower than what we paid for Memorial Day sales, then they give us 100% of the difference. =) They'll be here Friday!! (Did you know Friday is the 13th?)

So I had a bunch of neat and lovely surprises today. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ME! =)

And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you mom's out there as well!! I hope you all have a great Mom's day!!


From the front corner of the lot

The entire paito!! Our paito will take up this entire empty space from the stake to the morning room. =)

Standing on "patio" looking into back yard

Back yard property line looking up at house

Looking at the other side of the house and yard...toward our side entry garage side of the house (right)

Closer look at what they did. I still don't know how this isn't considered breaking ground. There is stuff IN THE GROUND! lol

OUR LOT from across the street!! You can't tell b/c I couldn't get it all in, but the black fence dips in and behind the big metal bins and then keeps going. lol


  1. Very nice Noey. How big is your lot, it looks very large!

  2. Thing is...they have it being a front garage right now and not a side entry. Hope they fix that.

  3. Ok....Emailed our PM and sent the pictures and asked if this was right or not. I am contracted for the side entry and I just want to make sure that is what we get.

  4. So excited for you! Looks huge! Definataly looks like they did lots of work and are ready!

  5. It's a small lot, Mike. .18 acres! lol Less yard to sell but being on the corner helps make it look larger. lol

    Thanks everyone!

    ACP, we have a LOT of trees and natural areas in the neighborhood. We're surrounded by forest and farms. lol There was once even talk of some water features too. But we don't know if that will happen yet. It's nice. We like it! It's not all flat land with nothing around it. It's rolling and green!

  6. The lot looks big! Very exciting! Even your patio looks spacious. Am looking forward to see your piece of dirt transform to a hole into a house. Happy mothers day!

  7. The pictures turned out great for not being able to see what you were pointing at! :) Do you not have a basement? The idea of not having a basement just completely baffles me!!