Sunday, July 3, 2011

#19 and # 18

#19:  Two Master Closets!

Speaking of closets....We get 2 walk-in closets in our room!!  WOOHOO!!   I'm so excited!!  Can you say storage??

We don't own a lot clothes (my hubby and I).  So we are going to use the large walk-in off the bathroom as our clothing closet.  =)  We'll still have a ton space leftover.

We are going to use the large walk-in off the bedroom as storage.  We figured it was best to do it this way.  I would hate for condensation to build up in something we're storing if we were to use the bathroom closet as storage.  You know?  Each bedroom averages out to be 12 x 14 room.  So plenty big enough for all their things and still spacious enough to not feel cluttered!

The Milan has NO attic at all.  There is just no space up there.  We didn't really understand that until we saw it being constructed.  We don't have much in our attic anyway.  Christmas decorations and few other smaller boxes, and suit cases.  Our closet we will be using will actually be bigger than the attic at the house we have now.  LOL  So again, more space!  =)

The storage closet it also the one we chose to add an outlet in.  We can now store Christmas presents in there!  And if we need to charge one (or check to see if those Christmas lights we are storing work), we can do it!  =)   The outlet is just inside the doorway so we need to plug something else up temporarily (an iron for instance) it's not a problem to do it and still the device in our room.

So yes, we are super excited about our 2 Master Closets!


Breathing room in our bedrooms!!

Our master bedroom is going to ROCK!!  It is one of the bigger bedrooms Ryan offers (no sitting area).  We have king sized bed, 2 night stands, a chest of drawers, an armoire, and a dresser with a mirror.  All these things are CRAMMED into a tiny bedroom here at the Rental.  We have less than a 2 foot walking space between the bed and furniture.  Talk about feeling cramped!!

In our new bedroom not only do we have room for these things, but we also are putting my treadmill in our room (vs. the garage it's in now) and our large family bookcase will also be going in here as well.  And we'll still have several feet of space between everything!  SPACIOUS!!!  We will finally have our own retreat!   A nice place to go and relax.  YAY!!

Each child's bedroom will be big enough for their bed, their dressers AND some of their toys!!  WOOHOO!!!  Some of our toddlers toys can finally be in her room and NOT all over my den!  Oh happy day!!

I know it sounds a bit weird to put the bookcase in our room vs. the playroom/study downstairs.  But that room is NOT very big as for as using it for a playroom for three kids.  It's 10 x 12 room.  And the computer desk and filing cabinet will in there.  You add their barbie house, barbies, barbie cars, and toy bin/shelf thingy...there is no room for a 6 ft wide double bookcase AND still have room for them to play.  So for now it goes in our room.  As the kids get older and need a playroom less and less, we'll convert it to a study.  We'll keep the computer there, but moved the bookshelf down too.  Office like.  It'll be nice.  For now it's more important for us to have place for kids to play with some of the toys they share (their personal toys will be in their respective rooms).

So YAY for bigger bedrooms and master closets!!


  1. That was a great idea to add the outlet in the closet! Are you going out there today?

  2. Thanks! I got it from a blog! lol

    And yes!! I am! Probably somewhere btwn 3 and 4. At least that's the goal. My mom and a sister are coming with me too! =D I'm sooooo excited!! MORE PICS!! lol

  3. LOL :) I finally took some pics yesterday. It's still just trees but it was fun anyway. I am going out there later too. Trying to decide on the outside colors. I might see you there if I can overcome this Sunday morning laziness :p