Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Venting (lol), FYI, Avalon info, and road update, and island update

So I got to talk to the hubby a little more last night.  He's not happy with the laundry room door AT ALL!!  It's a slatted door.  Kinda beachy looking really.  But he hates when you look up the staircase, it's the only thing you see, and it's ugly.  (his words)

How come we didn't remember that?  Easy.  The door was taken off the model home.  No wonder.  =/   False advertising Ryan.  No one told us it would be that ugly door, or if we had any option to upgrade it.

After thinking on this some more, we figured there may be reason for that kind of door, with the dryer and all being in that room, it may need more ventilation.  But it would have been nice to KNOW what we were getting there.  It's in a pretty predominant spot.  You can't miss it.  I'll get a picture of it the next time I'm over that way so you can see what I mean. We may just remove the door like the model home did.

(get it?  the title?  venting... vented door....venting about a vented door.... Ok, I need help, I know.  lol)

Speaking of being over that way....  I hope none of you want to talk to anyone or see your homes (if they're locked).  No one is in the "office" until Thursday.  C. is on vacation I think, and L. is only on-call.  I think she may be in another community, but I'm not sure.   I was glad to have found this out since my sister and her family were thinking of going in this week and talking numbers and contract.  So anyway, just and FYI for ya'll!

And did any locals know that there is NO Avalon models around at all?  Weird.  There is just about every other model.  From our understanding, the Dorsey Hall is a possible replacement for the Avalon.  *gasp*  The Avalon worked a little better (at least on paper) and they had wanted to see it, but there isn't one.  And since this information came our way, I thought I would share.  (Don't get me wrong...the Dorsey is a BEAUTIFUL home!!!  They are looking into this being the home they want to contract.  I'm just surprised they may do away with the Avalon.  It was my understanding it was one of Ryan's best selling models).

I did learn that they are about to build another home on our street.  YAY!  I wonder what it will be.  I think if we get a Rome and a Venice, we'll have one of every model for our section on our street.  That would be nice.  Right now we're all Milans but 2.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  I may try and go out tomorrow evening and get some pictures of our cement if it doesn't rain.

Now for our road issue...

If you recall, I have a corner lot.  The road next to me is NOT complete.  In fact my driveway doesn't even come NEAR the road.  It's a huge drop to the dirt. 

At our pre-construction meeting we were told that it would not be a problem and our road would be paved down to the back of our lot.  YAY!!  I may have even blogged about that in my pre-con post.  Not sure.

Well....things have kinda changed. 

Now we're getting Crush and Run.  A finely crushed, hard packed gravel like substance that is a pre-cursor to paving.  I was driving down the road with my kids all talking when my PM called to try to explain this, so I hope I got this all right.

It seems as if they have put in a bid with the bank to do the road.  But have not heard back yet (go figure!  A bank dragging it's feet.)  .  So for now we get crush and run.  If  "a few weeks after closing" they haven't heard anything back, they will go ahead and figure out a way to pave what they said they would to begin with.


Although we do feel a bit jilted about the road right now, there really is nothing we can do about it.  I'm happy that we'll have something that's not dirt and mud we have to pull through to get into and out of our driveway, and that Ryan is at least putting something down for us.  I can only hope that paving will happen sooner rather than later.  Our PM seems to be a very straight forward and honest guy.  I don't think he intentionally led us astray concerning the road.  I just think he anticipated the bank getting back to them by now.  I'm glad he has a back up plan.  And when he says "a few weeks after closing", I am trusting to that to mean a "few" weeks.  Not 6, not 8, not more.  He always been straight forward with us and on top of things.  So I trust him.

I have heard from SEVERAL people concerning our gorgeous island we love so much.  Several bloggers, several friends, ect. (mostly through email, but some through other channels).  The general consensus is that I am short 2 supports on my island.   Most of the islands have 3, even when they aren't granite.  Mine is granite and very heavy.   A guy in the business was shocked they didn't have more supports under it, and that some wood supports weren't at least put there temporarily.  0.0 

I know my PM said they would be out next week to look at it, and if it needed more they would do it then.  I hope that not having any support in the meantime isn't damaging it.  2 weeks over hang, and no support at all?  My bar over hang had it.  I'm probably just being silly.  But I do know that if our island doesn't get more support, hubby and I both will be complaining.  I am confident that the cabinet people coming to do a QI (quality inspection) will see that it needs more (especially since so many other people have told me so).


So, I think that's everything.  All my updates.  I'll post a countdown later.  Hope ya'll had an excellent 4th of July weekend!


  1. Do you have a gas dryer hookup? Our sales rep told us if we have a gas dryer hookup (which we do) it has to be a vented door, by law. I know laws vary greatly from state to state, so maybe it's just the door they put on all of the laundry rooms where you are, but in NY it is required.

    You could always just keep the door open most of the time rather than taking it off. Unless you're more organized than me and never have piles of laundry sitting around and on top of the machines. :) That way when company comes you can just shut the door. :)

  2. Our dryer is gas. However....

    Our water heater is gas. It's behind another slatted door in the laundry room...thus our thinking with that and the dryer...

    lol Who knows. I don't mind it so much. He does though. But he works a ton...so I am the one who has to deal with it the most. lol

  3. We saw the slat door while walking through a finished Naples. It is also required by law in NC (per Rep.)

    I plan to hang some sand dollars on the wall beside ours (HA..j/k.)

  4. LMBO!!! Wody you always have me in stitches!

    We kinda figured it was probably code. I'm okay with it. =) It'll grow on hubby. =)

  5. I think I agree with your Hubby regarding the door...anywhere else besides the top of the stairs and it probably would be fine. I actually saw your posts in reverse order and when I saw the picture of the door I was wondering what was wrong with the door...then saw this post.

    Regarding the Avalon...It is definitely one of their all-time best selling models and I have heard nothing about them discontinuing it. They are actually on version 12 of the Avalon now. I don't think the lack of a Avalon model means that they are doing away with it. There is an Avalon model in Greenville, SC (about 2 hours away). We drove 90 minutes to see the closest Avalon to us. Your other option is to see if there are any Avalons in the area under construction that could be looked at.

  6. Another Ryan Rep gave us the Avalon/Dorsey Info. (Well tech. they gave the info to my sister and she told me. lol)

    Yeah...and she won't drive 2 hours one way to look at house. lol The ones under construction may be an option. She seems pretty happy with the Dorsey Hall. So I'm happy for her. We'll see what happens there.