Saturday, July 16, 2011

# 5 Morning Room

What an awesome upgrade!!!!  I love our morning room!  A our own little private space to have intimate  family dinners.  No distractions.  I love the windows too.  Not to mention our view (for the moment, until construction happens back there).  It's such a lovely room!!  If you can get one, do it.

At first we didn't opt too, but then we got a surprise call from our Rep.  The developer came down off the prices of the lots after contract.  So we got several thousand dollars for upgrades free as a result in our Rep going to bat for us.  And as a result,  it was the first thing we added.   Right now in our development, it's a free upgrade.  I'm so thrilled with this room!  I don't know one person who isn't.  (I got to admit though, the layout of the kitchen is nice for those not getting it too).

In our model of home, the morning room is located at the end of the house, at the end of the kitchen.  It is truly a separate room.

Lovin' our morning room!


  1. I like where your morning room is located...I think it really does feel separate! :)

  2. Proposed rename: Dinner Room (too close to dining room?)