Thursday, July 14, 2011

# 8 Corner Lot!

I'm so excited to have a corner lot!!  There are many reasons behind this.  Here are some in no particular order:

1.  Less Neighbors:  I'm sorry but if you only knew some the crazy stuff that went on where we live now (and yup, I'm on a corner here too), you'd understand why I'm a bit hesitant to live around too many people.  lol 

2.  I may have a tiny lot (.18 acre, 60 ft lot), but being on the corner gives the illusion of a bigger yard

3.  I like to have family over.  Just about my entire family lives in the area.  Same with my husband's side of the family.  I now have AMPLE parking being on a corner (my driveway, front street and side street).  lol  My kids had to have 2 separate birthday parties for years.  One for my side of the family, one for his, simply because there is no room in the house we have now.  Now my home is not only big enough, but I'll have enough parking too.  I'm even throwing my sister's bridal shower less than 2 months after we move.  Talk about getting it together fast!  lol

4.  I got more sod in my yard.  lol  An apparently, and extra tree!  Woohoo!  lol

5.  It allowed us the side entry garage.  Which we love!   The side entry helps our house look a little different than the Milan 3 lots down from me with our same elevation.   And it gives the illusion of a bigger house.  lol  I may have to be little careful parking my van in it now (length wise) but having it this way gives us more room to open our doors and store things on the side.  =)

6.  I love Christmas and I love decorating for it.  It'll take a year or two before I know exactly how and what I want to do to decorate our house (more than likely), but now I have a nice big yard to decorate with!  (no worries neighbors, I don't do the blow-up Christmas stuff.  Or least I have never found any that I like well enough to put in the yard).  We do have a white wooden nativity scene complete with shepherds, wisemen and sheep.  It's big!  And now we have a yard big enough to display it.  (no worries, it's not tacky.  I hate tacky).  Our old neighborhood's HOA use to have a Christmas Lights Decorating contest.  We won every year.   (can you tell I love Christmas?  lol  And NO!!!  My name has nothing to do with it (if you know it).  In fact, I was born in August!) 

Yeah.... I'm really excited about corner lot!  =)


  1. Yeah for corner lots and yes having the side-entry garage does make the house look bigger. You guys with the sod are making me jealous...I will be lucky to get some grass growing.

  2. :) yes we really wanted a side entry but because we didn't have a corner lot that couldn't happen! I love your house. It is so nice. I really think that cottage style is really different. I have never seen it in my area.