Sunday, July 10, 2011

refrigerator question for the masses

Ok , so we think we know the refrigerator we would like to have.  It came down to 2 models.

Model #1:
Pros:  Cheaper price
          Fan fav.
Cons:  No ice tray in the bottom
         Has been said to have a very noisy ice maker.
          Most of the models at the store had the SAME broke pieces on it (which does worry me a bit)

Model #2:
Pros:   Looks nicer
          Has ice tray on the bottom
          better warranty
Cons:  Tiny bit more expensive
          A few reviews say some of the ice makers can clog sometimes.

I know which one I like.  But Given this information, which would you choose?


  1. As long as it isn't a kenmore, you are good to go. Had to have the compressor replaced four times in just a couple years. Drawers broke within months. The plastic was cheap. When I was buying the replacement I went online and red reviews of every fridge I looked at. Even while I was standing there with the guys at best buy, I was reading online reviews of the one I finally picked.

  2. Neither one are a Kenmore! lol They didn't get very good reviews. lol

  3. Not sure I would go with either and you don't say how much bigger. I do better with numbers and like streetmomof4 says, you should read tons of reviews on all of thing I will throw out there is that typically refrigerators last a very very long time, so don't put too much weight on the price if they are close...focus totally on functionality and the reviews.

  4. BD: Model 1 is about 28 cubit feet, Model 2 is about 25 cubic feet. =)

    Reviews on both models are very good. Both have ice maker complaints. But other than that, good reviews. Still looking though.

  5. Hey Noey!

    I'm a cheapskate for sure, but don't buy the cheapest one. Your fridge is going to be the focal point of your life in that house for years and years and years! The cheaper one has broken parts in the store? That's a clear message that its a hunk of junk. I'm agreeing with BD here. Don't cheap out!

    Check and see how long people have had the fridge on the reviews. People who just brought them home and reviewed them don't count - of COURSE they love it. Its new and shiny and they haven't abused it yet. Find a review from someone who abused it and find out what happened! :)

    For my part, when I moved into this house, I bought a kenmore freezer on bottom. I think its 19 cubic feet - is that possible? Its a tiny kitchen. I haven't had one problem, except that the cheese drawer broke a couple years ago. LIkely my fault for overloading it with tofu. Its quiet, it runs great, and it is still chugging after 12 years. Washer and Dryer are also Kenmore, bought half off at the Scratch and Dent Sears store. Only problem I ever had with those was when my guitar pick got jammed in the catch basin thing and prevented water from draining out. Again, totally my fault.

    keep us posted! I'm interested to see what you are finding because we are going to start shopping for a fridge soon. I'm probably going to stick with Kenmore - I feel weird about buying a Sanyo(?) or LG - I feel like my fridge should be made by a company that didn't make my tv!

  6. I would go with model one for the size. However, by ice tray on the bottom what do you mean? Ours is a french door and the freezer has a pull out drawer in it with small ice bin. If that's what you mean then you can buy something like that later.

    However, it sounds like your settling. I would not settle when it comes to a fridge. It's the most used appliance in your kitchen and it should be perfect.

  7. Model 1. Always go with the one you like the best because most reviews are done by people who have issues. If you buy your fridge and love it you're less likely to take the time to do the review.

  8. I should also add:

    Model 1 has ice maker IN the fridge taking up space
    Model 2 has it on the door WITH storage still on the door too.

  9. Don't buy GE either. My dad always swore against them and then I found out for myself.

    Our GE fridge died on us a couple months AFTER the 1 yr (maybe 2 yr) manufacturer warranty. Either way, a $1000+ appliance should last me more than 1-2 yrs.

  10. No worries Wody! We have heard nothing but BAD things about GE. Neither one is GE either. lol

  11. I wouldn't get #1 if all the models had the same broken piece. I know things happen and sometimes things break, but if the same thing is wrong with all of the models, I'd take that as a good indicator it is a poor design. If you are feeling guilty because you don't want to spend too much since it is a gift, you could always offer to your FIL that you guys will pay the difference so you can get the one you really want (assuming it is the more expensive one)