Sunday, July 24, 2011

My new neighbors! You won't beleive tihs! Small world!

No worries Anons!!  It's not that kind of post.

I KNOW my neighbors!  I was so shocked when I found out who they were.  They were the parents of an ex-boyfriend of my sister.

The neighbors up the road came down and invited us to come watch fireworks tonight.  It was their child's birthday and they wanted to come and say hello and invited us to come.  I was sooooo hoping to go say hello.  Unfortunately, we were losing light, and needed to get things unpacked and done (including putting up some lights) while we had the help here to do it.  So we never made it.  I hope they aren't too upset and can understand.  My kids would have loved it.  And even though I look like crap after moving all day, I would have loved to met some more people in our neighborhood.  =(   I hope they understand.

We had 2 full truck loads today (26 ft u-haul).  But it's all here now.  Our beds are done, furniture is where it needs to be.  Kitchen is unpacked, clothes put away, girls rooms 90% done.  We still have a lot to do, but if you ask me, we've done a lot.  We even have the china unpacked!

I am enjoying my first glass of wine here, on my couch.  =)  It's nice to have furniture!! And I can't imagine how nice it will be to actually sleep in my own bed tonight!

My daughter did slice her foot open pretty good tonight on a carpet tack.  They didn't ... file them down?  bend them?  .... whatever needed to be done to them, and it's horrible.  I sent a message to our PM.  I'm not sure if ti's something we can fixed asap, or if we have to wait.  But I wanted to let him know the whole house needs that fixed.

Other than that, we are tired, sore, and completely content and happy.  =)   Life is good!  And we've have had a ton of help.  My family helped us move and some of our friends.  His side of the family helped out with the unpacking and putting things away.  It's been amazing.  And we've made some memories.   Hopefully by Tuesday, we'll have blinds in all the windows.  Drywall people made a few "oops" and some of the blinds need trimmed up to fit now.  But that's okay.  Shouldn't be a hard or expensive fix.  And it's not all the windows.  =)

So now it's time for Big Brother and time with my man.  Life is good!  God is good!


  1. That's wonderful, sounds like you got a lot accomplished.

    You should sleep well tonight!


  2. Noey—you’ve done exactly what you were suggested not to do. Everyone in your area probably knows about this family and now knows where they live. Please use discretion and have respect for your neighbors. Keep this blog about you and you alone.

  3. ANON: I do understand some of where you are coming from and have edited the blog to not have as many details, out of respect.

    However, this was not meant to be about them so much as about how I knew them, while at the same time trying to honor their son. Therefore, this blog entry was about me. I'm sorry you saw it differently. I hope the editing I have done helps.

    I am thankful for every reader I have. And am always open to suggestions. I may not always take them or understand them at first. I am human. I am writing about my experiences and sometimes I will make mistakes. That's life sometimes. But I am sorry if I gave out too much information this time.

    I don't think anyone in my area knows of whom I'm speaking about unless I perhaps spoke the name, which I have not done. It's been a while. And many other tragedies have taken place since. But after reading your comment, it did get me thinking some more. Perhaps they left the area where they use to live and came here for more privacy. I thank you for putting it more clearly for me to understand.

    I apologize to any all I have offended with this post. But I am not going to take this post down. The edit will stand. My new neighbors are good and amazing people. I'm glad to have them. And yes, I'm shocked on how small a world it can be sometimes. That was the point of this post.

  4. Noey...when you get a chance could you post a picture of the carpet tacks that cut your daughters foot...Glad you have made so much progress unpacking and getting this in place. Glad you took a few moments to sit down with hubby and just's been a long tough rode, but your dream is finally reality!!!

  5. Noey - I think its great that you posted about what a small world it is - even though you are living in a brand new development, you already have a community and that's so very important. I hope you and your neighbors have lots of great times ahead.

    No blog worth reading is about one person alone, because all of our experiences in life are drawn from those around us. That's what blogging is all about -- sharing the common experience, and we all thank you for sharing yours.

  6. Ranter,
    I was one of the original ones who was concerned about posting of others. While I agree it's fine to talk about the "Small World", I just have to disagree about mentioning specifics of others.
    As someone who spent time hiding myself and 2 kids from an abusive ex, I can tell you none of us know what our neighbors deal with in their private lives. If you feel that simply starting a blog gives one the right to mention anyone and everyone, then we have 2 very different meanings of decency.
    Noey, I was out of town and didn't read the original post so I don't know what it said, but am glad that it has been edited if it gave any specific information (I still feel too much information was given considering the back story involves their family, but then again I feel any information about another's life posted online without their permission is too much).
    These blogs are a great source of information about building a new home and would hate to see any harm come from them, either physical or a rift between neighbors.
    Now back to the fun!
    (climbs off soapbox)

  7. Anon: A well deserved soapbox. You make wonderful points. No worries. ;)