Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Island Issue and note to PM

So, from everything I have heard my Island DEFINITELY needs more support under the granite.  It was put on last week I believe and went through the week, and this week, and is suppose to get more support next week "if it needs it".  Now I am told it needs a total of 4 supports.  So I am freaking a little bit since it only has the 1.

So...I sent my PM an email:

Hey J.  I know, I'm a pain in the butt.  I'm sorry.  I have another question for you.
I know that the cabinet people will be there next week to put more supports under the granite on the island.  =)  I have been told it should have 4 supports, and I only have one.  My question is, this won't cause any stress to the granite will it?  (waiting until next week?)
That's all.  I'm sorry to have bothered you again.  I'm a Nervous Nelly I suppose.  I just wanted to make sure that since it's already been on there since last week, and is going all this week, and part of next; that it wouldn't cause undo stress to the granite that could cause issues with it later on down the road.
Thanks again!

_______________________________________________________ I just wait to hear back.  I REALLY hate bothering him.  He's a great guy who is extremely busy.  A month ago he was up to 12 houses in our neighborhood.  12!!!  But I keep hearing BD in my head, "You are paying a lot of money for this house.  Make sure it's done right."  (thanks BD)

I do hate bothering him and feel bad about bothering him about something that I have already discussed with him once.  But I just need to make sure that this isn't going to cause problems later down the road.  You know?  After all, he does have 12 other houses to worry about.  It's my job to worry about this 1 house.  I hope he can understand that and isn't cursing me under his breath.


  1. I hate to be the source of your PM's pain, but I stick to my are paying a lot of money and it deserves to be right. We are only a couple of days into the framing process and I have already sent 2 emails with 5 questions/problems including pictures documenting each. I have not for 1 second thought twice about sending them nor has my PM not promptly gotten back to me with answers.

  2. BD, you are NOT the source of his headache with me. Promise!! He hears from me about twice a week it seems lately. He has a LOT on his plate. And considering...he's gone a great job. I just want this fixed on my island.

    Also, I think my kitchen light is in the wrong way. I have a big florescent light (I want to SEE!! And in the model, the recessed lights were just not bright enough). Anyway.... the light goes across the front of my island vs. running the length it. I need it to run the length of it.

    I had asked our rep about putting lighting at the end of the island for light toward the back of the kitchen. I was led to believe either the light ran the length of the island or there was a separate light at the end of it. So, on tomorrow I will send an email to get that fixed.

    (if you look at past blog pics you can see what I mean).

    Our house if phenominal! I am in love. Just need these few things dealt with, the final touches, my landscaping and crush & run and I am ready to go! =D

    It's just nice to have that reminder that we are paying for this, and we need to protect our vision of it. You are not a problem for anyone. You are voice of reason. And I thank you.