Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More pictures and #16

Here are some more pictures

on of the study/playroom doors

Girl's upstairs bath and ELECTRICITY! Sorry Lady!
I do have to tell you, I'm not thrilled with the faucets.  Rep told us
they would be the same as the model home in the community. I
don't remember these being it.  I though they had separate hot
and cold levers on the sides.  I'll be checking that soon.  I could be
wrong.  But will be sad if we were told one thing and got
another.  But this could me my fault, I only checked the
down stairs bath.  I'll keep ya posted.

Girl's shower and I think a shower rod?!

Grundle Mumph!!  Either someone was mad
and had a drill, or they were looking for something.
At least it'll get fixed!    =)

looking up to the laundry room door
girls bath on left.  I didn't think the door was so bad.

Hall entry

My house!!!

=D  ♥

Didn't turn out well zooming in from the bottom of the
stairs.  lol  But that's the door.  Again...I don't think it's
that bad.

Ok, now # 16:  ENERGY STAR!!!

We are so very excited our new home is going to be energy star certified.  R30 roof and R13 walls are what the paper work says all the houses should be.  =)  Hope that's good.  I need to research that.  lol  But it sounds good!

And to stay with our Energy Star theme, I'm purchasing energy star fans and lighting for the rooms we didn't pay Ryan to put fixtures in.  YAY!  Go me!  lol

There are still builders in our area, similar to Ryan, who are MORE expensive and NOT Energy Star.  Blows my mind why anyone would go to them.  A high quality builder in our area just upped all their Energy Star ratings to compete with Ryan (told to us by the builder Rep.  Builder is Niblock).

M/I homes is close by and ARE Energy Star, but in my opinion no where near the quality of Ryan. 

We are so thrilled!  We may be moving up in space, but hoping the Energy Star rating helps with the bills.

I wonder if there is a tax break for this come tax time?  lol


  1. The door isn't that bad... but the fact that you have electricity...*rolling eyes* lol good for you tho glad otsu ypuugh..at least someone has power! Glad its you ;-)

  2. You can't even tell that door has slats in it! None of you will notice it after the first week. I can't believe how nice the house looks from the outside. So pretty, and homey.

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  4. yeah, my crappy point and shoot did not take the best pictures today. You can tell when your in the house, but it's not bad. Hubby doesn't like it, but I really don't have too much of a problem with it. *shrugs*

    Thanks for liking the outside RR. lol We like it too. I can't wait to see it with the landscaping. =D About 12 or so more days before that happens.

  5. Yayyyy! 10 day countdown for me! We have power too! Sorry Lady:( We have that slat door in our master bedroom. Not that bad! I soooo love your house! Can't believe we are almost all ready to move in! Yay! Sooooo clooossseeee!

  6. Poor LaLady!!

    Momma, I can't believe you are so close now! *EEP* You guys deserve this!! I'm soooo happy for you!!

    Why do you have that door in your bedroom? It's not a bad door. I think it just took him more by surprise than anything else. At least I hope so. lol

    I can't believe we're all so close now!

  7. I'm soooo loving our home!! ♥♥♥

  8. btw...forgot to say I love the outside look of your house!!!

  9. Thanks!! We're so glad we changed our colors. We love it. Thank you.