Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Praise Report!!!

It's been a looong day.  But....we got some incredibly awesome news!!

My FIL went to order our new fridge today.  When we originally went looking we fell in love with the larger 28 cu ft fridge.  But since we weren't buying it, we found the identical thing at 25 cu ft for less money.  =)   It's the size of our refrigerator now is about 25 cu ft.  I didn't want to take advantage, you know?  I was just beyond thrilled that we were getting a new fridge and that my FIL was willing to get it for us.

Well, bad news.  He went to order our 25 cu ft fridge, and it was on back order.  So what did our FIL do?  He ordered us the bigger the fridge!!!  *shock*  And that's not all folks!  He also got us a 5 yr warranty!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?

And...and, and, and.....   He is having it delivered Saturday!!  AND... he said that a man should probably be there when it delivers.  So he offered to sit and the house and wait for it! 

Let's just say this was a shining light in my day today.  =)  God is so so so so so good!!!! 


  1. This is so exciting! What an awesome FIL you have!! Enjoy your new fridge!

  2. Yaaaay! :) Great FIL indeed!

  3. YA for Noey and Family!!! What an AWESOME FIL you have!! GS

  4. WOW. I made some errors in this. I shouldn't type while medicated. lol

    Thanks ya'll. I can't believe his generosity. He has amazed me. And yes, he's a good FIL (and not because of this).

    And why in the world would 2 people hit the "dislike" button here? We're getting the bigger fridge we originally wanted and a warranty we never even dreamed of. I am so amazed. Awestruck.

    Maybe the people who clicked it don't like me. lol

  5. That is fantastic news and the dislikes are probably just folks fooling around having some fun with you. Hope you and hubby are feeling better.

  6. Great news!!! Are you all packed and ready for the big move? We are sooooo very excited for you and your family. We love reading your blog, please keep us updated on your journey.