Monday, July 4, 2011

PM's Response to issues/questions

Happy July 4th to you all!!

Imagine my surprise when while drinking my coffee and checking my email this morning, my PM had responded to me.  It's a holiday for Pete's sake!!  I wasn't expecting to hear from him until sometime tomorrow!  =)

Long story short, here are the "deets":

1.  Door hardware should NOT have been painted.  He's going to check on that.  Also, the front door gets another coat of paint at the final clean this Friday.

2.  He is also going to check into the tacking of the carpet on the stairs for me.  I hate adding extra work for him, but I hurt myself and I don't want my kids getting hurt.  I'm glad he's on top of this!  =)

3.  The stove does not deliver until after the final clean on Friday.  So I am guessing sometime late next week we may have it.  =)  I was just curious as to when it delivered.

4.  The cabinet company will come back out after the final clean to do a quality inspection (since the final clean is Friday, I am assuming it will be next week some time too).  If our granite on the island needs another corbel (support) they will do it at that time.  *shew*

ROCKY:  How many supports do you have under your island?

5.  This week is final drywall, paint, and final clean.  After the final clean, our PM will make a punch list to resolve any issues.  He told us he makes a very detailed list.  So next week the subcontractors come back out to do their parts on the list, and then our PM's punch guy comes and "ties up loose ends".  If I remember correctly from his last email, all systems should be up and going by this Friday too (electrical, hvac, plumbing).

The following week after that is landscaping, pre-settlement walk through and closing!

YUP!!  We're that close!!  Holy cow!!

So to re-cap:

This week:  final paint and final clean.  All systems a go!
Next week:  Subs come in and finish up anything that needs tweeked
Following week:  landscaping, final walk-through and closing.

I'm extremely excited!!  And I'm also super impressed that our PM is so on top of things and gets back to me on a holiday!!


  1. Hey Noey, Its Rocky. Sorry for the late response, I hope you and your family had an excellent 4th of July. As for the Island I want to say it has 3 I am not too sure. If you get a chance go ahead and take a walk in the house. It is so awesome that we will all be moving in soon. Oh yeah I also found out by our neighbor accross the street that they they are getting ready to build another home next to her home. From what I know that family has a 6 year old daughter.

  2. I hope you had an excellent holiday weekend as well! =)

    I can't walk through it silly, isn't it locked? I may peer through a window and check out those corbels though. lol

    Ok...I'm trying to keep track... You and I have 6 year olds, and the person across from you does too? And possibly the person on the other side of you 2 doors down? Did I get that right?

    I wonder what they are going to build! I like that most everything on our street is getting done pretty much at the same time. It will make it much quieter down our way once it's all done. =)

    It's so hard to believe that closing will be here before we know it! I close on a Friday and I think you close on the Monday following. =) We've been warned that our "newly poured driveway" won't be able to withstand the weight of a moving truck just yet. Oh fun. We'll be unloading from the side road I guess. I bet your glad your driveway was poured a long time ago. lol They are suppose to pour ours this Wed., but with it scheduled to rain.... *shrugs*

    I can't wait for the landscaping to be done. I probably won't get back out to the house until Thursday. No one is at the model until then. C. is on vacation I think, and L. is on-call if she is needed, but won't be there. So there is no way to get a key and go in. =( I wonder if I can last that long? LOL

    Sounds like you guys are getting to meet a lot of people already! I still haven't met anyone really. =( I did meet one guy, in the ambercrest up the street right before we broke ground. And I met our newest blogger Ms. Ro. She's building up on Waterwheel. But no one from our street but your lovely wife (for like a minute. lol) I suppose we'll have time for introductions later. lol

    If you guys need anything, let me know.

    Are you moving on the Monday you close?

    We close on Friday at 1. Then we'll take a few things over to the house and seal our granite and grout in the bathrooms. He has to work all day on Saturday, so I'll be moving little stuff all day. We plan the big move for Sunday and Monday.

    Hopefully our paths will cross before the move. lol

  3. You are right about all them 6 year olds, my wife and I are so happy because our 6 year old daughter (Bella) has never had an opportunity too meet friends in our neighborhood let alone the same age and gender, she is so excited!! She has a friend who comes by but she is older (8 I think) but she really does not treat Bella very well and that really worries me. The neighbor across from our home was really nice; she was walking her dog and started to talk to us. It is just her and her husband who live there and she mentioned that a family is about to start building on the empty lot next to hers in which they also have a 6 year old daughter.

    We close on Tuesday the 26th and we’ll be moving everything in that day (hopefully) I actually took the 26 thru the 28th off to be able to have all of that complete. If you need any help unpacking or whatever just let us know we can help. I am definitely staying away from the driveway too. Lol… I strongly believe that we will have a very good neighborhood and I pray everyday that our family as well as others to be surrounded by good people.

  4. OH!!! Ok...are you talking about the empty lot next to that existing home that's been cleared? She pulled her contract. She is the one who pulled out over not being able to have a 6ft fence. =( That was my understanding.

  5. yes, the empty lot, I m not sure if it was the same person. Have you heard anything in regards to the fence issue or the sheds?

  6. last I heard, they were working on it.

  7. Hey noey I checked yesterday and your island should have a total of 4.