Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#3 NOT MOVING AGAIN!! (and I really need your prayers for my hubby)

This is a home we plan on sticking around long enough to pay off!  Or at least real close to it.  The plan is to stay in this amazing home until our youngest (who just turned 2 less than a month ago) leaves the nest.   =)

This will be my 5th move since 1999 (so ... in 12 years?).   I'm VERY tired of moving.  Although one move was literally to the house right next door.  That was an easy move!  lol  And I only had one child.  lol Now we are moving with 3 kids, a dog, and a LOT more stuff.  lol

We put some some things onto/into the house that maybe could have waited, or maybe we could have done cheaper some other time (granite for instance or our cabinets we love, or upgrading not just to 6 lb but to 8 lb padding, or better carpet, or.......  you get the idea).  We knew we planned to be in this home a very very long time.  We new the next move we want to do is to help our children move out.  lol  (I think my family will be thrilled they don't have to help us move anymore.  lol)  So we truly made this a dream home for ourselves.

So a great thing about this house is that it will be our last for a very long time (God willing).    =D

On a different note:   I am asking for prayer, and lots of it.  My back hurts more and more every day, and then last night I did something to my knee at the pool.  On top of this, and more importantly,  my husband has severally thrown his back out helping to physically move  a neighbors truck (you know...a big metal one for 25-30 years ago).  He has taken pain meds, muscle relaxers, and been using a heating pad; and he is still in a ton pain.  He can't really walk or do much.  We are moving this weekend!   I'm so worried about him! 

Please pray for our healing....well, his healing.  I'll live.  But he is miserable and I'm worried about him.  Even if he does start feeling better, I'm worried one wrong move this weekend will send him back into a tailspin.  He had started to feeling better when all he did was bend down to look at the damage to a vehicle at work and BAM!  Worse now than ever.  =(   I don't need him ending up in the hospital.

If you could all just keep him in your prayers, I'd be most grateful, as would he.

Thanks so much!!


  1. Oh dear...I'm gone for a week and come back to find you gusy in a mess. :( That's awful about yours and your husbands injuries. I know it's last minute at this point, but maybe you guys should seriously consider calling in a moving company. Maybe hold off on some of the things you were planning to get with the money you thought you needed for closing, sounds like it would be worth it. I was exhausted and tired after our moving day, and we don't even have kids to tend to yet...you have 3!!

    Prayers coming your way!

  2. yes, maybe get a moving truck...that would help a lot..you cannot do this all by yourself.
    did you say your husband usually can't really walk or do much every day, or only after this latest back episode?
    does that mean he has to stay home from work this week since his back hurts?
    well, good luck ro all of you.

  3. I'm going to try and convenience him....but he's stubborn. We do have 3 of BIL's coming to help on Sunday.... but....

    Anon...NOPE! He HAS to work or lose his job. It has been made VERY clear NO ONE can take more than a week off at a time. He has all next week off to finish the move and get our rental ready to turn in. And because he has next week off, someone else went on vacation this week and he was told he HAS to be there. That's why he is working on Saturday instead of moving Saturday.

  4. run a bath and put in epson salt and rubbing alcohol