Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Word of advice for your pre-drywall meetings (electrical)

Find out where your half-hots are going to be.  There are several here that are just completely in the wrong the spot.  We knew where the outlets were all going, but we had no idea which ones would be the half-hots.  We should asked and then have specified where the we would have liked half-hot ones to be.   >=/

For instance, in the Den, it's in a corner we will NEVER have any lights, between the fireplace and the tv.  In the corner....   Really?   It should have gone behind the couch.

And they stuck the half-hot in the study next to the internet line.  Really?  So you want me to turn my computer stuff on and off by the switch?  Um.....NO!  We fixed that by getting a surge protector that plugged into the wall in the one socket that wasn't controlled by the switch.  It covers the hot plate socket and has several other sockets for us to use.  At least we could fix this one.  We can't fix the den.

OH... and if you are getting a light in the morning room, discuss where the switch for the actual light will go.   We have a switch when you first walk into the M.R. that works a half-hot we'll never use.  We have to walk to the back of the M.R. and use that switch for the actual light.  Who's bright idea was that?

I would definitely discuss things like this with your PMs before drywall goes up.  Just a thought!

On the whole, we are so incredibly pleased.  The house is beautiful.  And our PM showed up today with several carpet guys and fixed our carpet tack problem.  (Sorry BD, my camera is still in one of the few boxes we have left to unpack).  They knocked it out in maybe 10 minutes.  Could have be less than that!

We LOVE our new fridge!!  =)  It's most awesome!   They did knock the thermostat off the wall bringing it in though.  lol  And I cooked our first meal in the house.  No more take out and subway and pizza.  lol  No more fast food!!  (Thank God!!  My skin and stomach can't take any more!)  I even sat down and did the girls' nails tonight.  =)  

Oh, and I LOVE my kitchen!!  In my old kitchen, the light in it was not enough to really cook by.  I cooked tonight with NO lights on and still has more light than my old kitchen.  =) 

My FIL is going to help us purchase and install hardware on the cabinets.  He is just full of surprises!  Some of the cabinets and drawers are hard to open without hardware to grab.  But the cabinets are beautiful!

My family signed a contract and is waiting to approval for the loan.  Fingers crossed and prayers being said there.  I would love to have them neighbors.

Life is very good right now.  Moving is stressful.  Remind yourselves of this!  Communication is very important.  Be VERY clear with your significant other upfront about ideas and plans.  lol  We kinda learned this one the hard way.  Learn from our mistakes!  lol

All is well and good.  We are all very happy here.  Even our dog seems to be finally settling in.  =)  Hope ya'll are doing well too!


  1. Good tip on the outlets. Do you think RH would charge Castanets to move the half-hots (new term for me) to a new location?

  2. Noey, we've run into the same issue. Personally I think they should have the option to remove the wired outlets if you add an overhead light in a room because sometimes they are just plain annoying (especially in an office!) and code only requires them when there is no overhead lighting. Unfortunately I think this depends on your area...I know a couple people posted that they meet with electricians during the process, but here in OH they just have a standard wiring diagram that places the outlets. You can additional if you'd like but I don't think you can move the ones on the plan.

  3. As usual, great advice :) I will keep this in mind.

  4. Lt.: I don't think there would be a charge to move them. You get them anyway. Who cares where they're at?

    Shara: I agree! If it has an overhead there really isn't a need for a half-hot. It does come in handy in the den though...if it were in the right spot.

    Thanks Ms. Ro. I want to pass along anything I can to help others! We never built a home before this one. We LOVE it!!! But if there is something I can do learn and do to help others, well....that's kinda the point of this blog.

  5. Hi Noey!

    My wife and I just recently contracted to build a Milan In Pennsylvania, should be move in ready by Christmas! Your blog is very helpful and your home is absolutly beautiful. Here's a list of what we upgraded:

    4 bedroom Elevation B with stone knee wall across the front
    Breakfast Room
    Super Island and cherry cabinet upgrade(my wife works for DuPont Corian,so standard counters for now)
    recessed light package in kitchen
    gas stove and gas dryer hookups
    Side fireplace with 2 recessed lights above and fireplace blower
    additional 2 spotlights out back and additional outlet in garage(thanks to you!)
    6 ceiling fan rough in's(4 bedrooms, den and breakfast room)
    3 piece plumbing rough in basement(unfinished basement)
    Custom upgrade for a 3 inch wire chase conduit from basement to attic(so i can run wires to the upstairs)
    Upgraded vanities in both bathrooms upstairs

    we meet with Guardian Saturday and the flooring people Monday, can't wait!

    Hopefully I can pick your brain in the next coming weeks about all of this, we have never built a house before and it is definatly overwhelming sometimes!

  6. Congrats Anon!! It sounds beautiful! =)

    Keep a notebook or binder! Keep all your paperwork together and notes from blogs in it. And your pictures. It'll help to have this all in one, easy accessible place.

    We opted for surround sound with Guardian. We almost did the speakers in other rooms (for the radio we get through the tv), but decided not too. Ends up we made the right decision. =) When we crank up the tunes with the surround sound, you have NO problem hearing it all upstairs. =)

    Will you be setting up a blog too? Consider it. It's a great way to not only share information, but to share the process with others that are going through it too. No one will be more excited about dirt and options, or understand any frustrations you may have, or be able to answer any questions you may have. Just a thought!

    Congrats on the house! I love your choice! =)

  7. Thanks Noey.
    Forgot to put my name up there I's Brad. I like what you wrote about the half hots, I'll def. keep that in mind.

    What is the standard lighting in the breakfast room? Is it just a single fixture in the center of the ceiling?

  8. Hello Brad!

    The standard lighting for the Morning Room is there is NO lighting. You get the half-hot to plug a light into. We opted to pay $150 for a standard fixture. If you go back through some of my pictures you should be able to see it. I know others have opted to pay for either a ceiling fan or a ceiling fan rough-in so that they can put a fan in later.

  9. Good to know. Thanks. How about three way switches? Do you get any?

  10. 3 way switches??? I know that in rooms with a fan or pre-wired for one, you get 3 switches. One for the fan, one for the light on the fan, and one for the half-hot.

    In our morning room we have a 3 way also. One for the light, one for the porch light outside, and one for the flood lights.

    Is that what you needed to know?

    If you don't get it pre-wired for fans, you get less switches.

  11. A three way switch is two sitches on opposite sides of a room that both work the same's two places to turn on and off the same light. For example it would be cool to have a switch in the breakfast room as well as a switch by the entrance to the kitchen from the family room that both work the kitchen lights...this way you wouldn't have to bdouble back to turn the kitchen lights off if you were just walking through to get to the breakfast room or even to go out the back door

  12. Not to butt into your conversation, but we have several three way switches in our home that were standard. You should be able to get a wiring diagram from your sales manager and review it to see if there is something you would like to change. If there are not three way switches and you'd like to add some, you can do that for a small fee.

  13. AH! Shara has a great idea there about asking the Rep.

    We have a switch both in the den and in the mudroom area for the kitchen light. We also have a switch upstairs and downstairs for the upstairs hall. As well as another one in our den and another at the front door for the downstairs hall. But that's all our model got.

  14. This is good conversation about the outlets and switches. I am going to throw this out there for everyone's information. The complete set of blueprints to build your home is available in the sales office. I highly recommend that you take an afternoon one weekend and go to the sales office and go over every page of your blueprint. You will be very very surprised at how much information you can get from just reviewing them. It is the same set of prints that they use to build your house with. You can find out where every outlet will be, every switch and what is controlled by the switch, every light and whether there are options recessed lights or under cabinet lighting.

    My experience with the switched outlets is that they rarely get used...maybe in the family room you might use it for some table lamps...typically bedrooms have them, but usually your lamp is on a table by the bedside and while it would be nice to flip the light on when you enter the room, you would then need to get out of bed to go turn the light off...hmmmm...I don't think so!!!