Friday, July 1, 2011

Milan Kitchen Surprise!

I was curious when I looked back over the pictures of our kitchen, our island in particular.   There was something there I didn't remember being there on the model we went through.  So I looked online and found other model pictures.  Lets see if you notice the difference.

The Model Picture:

Here is a picture of our kitchen (from the other side)  And yes..the island has the bulbous end like this model pic, you just can't tell from the angle. CAN tell what is different.....

Did you notice the difference?  We have an overhang on the side!!!  =D  Oh happy day!!!

I don't know if this a new design, an upgrade with granite, an upgrade because of our cabinets, or even just an "oops".  But I am so thrilled!!  Now instead of 2 barstools, we can have 4!!!  two on the end like the picture of the model and two on the side!  *happy dances*

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