Sunday, July 3, 2011 out for this one thing

Went out to the house today with my family.  I was surprised that they locked the actual garage door.  I had the key, so we went to the front door.    I went to check out the garage door and how in the world they locked it.  It was the coolest little thing on the side of the interior of the garage door.  I wish I would have taken a picture!  I'll have to next time.

We were so busy looking at things and talking about them, I didn't get very many pictures.  But here a few I DID get.

my dirty floor and carpet!  I got to tell you though, I didn't realize how dark it was going to be (the carpet that is)

I have stain and carpet and hardware on the doors!

bathroom lighting

more carpet pictures.  I like that the flecks will hide dirt (3 kids and a dog & all) but was
still very shocked at how dark it ended up being.  I don't NOT like it, just different
then how I know?

Upstairs lighting looking TOWARD steps
room ahead is laundry

They also painted my post white and my front door black.  I was surprised to see that.  They painted the hardware on my door black too.  I wasn't expecting that at all.

My BIL noticed that the side of the carpet on the stairs, near the banister, the nails (?) were too long.  When you ran your finger on it, it pierced you!!  So please guys, check, that!  I already have yet another email into our PM.

Otherwise, we are very pleased with the house!  =)  So far so good!  With the carpets darker than I had imagined, I'm glad we switched to the lighter cabinets in the kitchen.  Helps lighten things up.  =)  

Wow, this sounds horrible, doesn't it?  I really am happy with the house!  Can't to be in it!  Wish we could close sooner. Gonna call next Monday and make sure all our utilities are set up and confirm/double check our closing time.  =)

Hope everyone else is doing well!  And have a Happy 4th of July!!  Hopefully ya'll don't have to work!


  1. Everything looks great! Yeh!
    BY the way, I read your other blog..just wondering, why did you choose not to be in your sister's wedding? If I'm too nosey, and it's none of my business, just let me know. Happy 4th!

  2. Thanks! And you're not being nosey. I don't mind answering.

    She came to me and our other sister and asked if we wanted to be in the wedding. My response was as long as my kids were included, I was good. I could be in it, or not. Either way I was good and my feelings wouldn't be hurt. (she is has many close friends all wanting to be in the wedding. I wanted to make easier on her)

    The expense of being IN a wedding a lot. I already had to by both my girls dresses and have to get their shoes, and hair stuff. Now add all the same for me...more $$$$.

    I told my sister I would help her with ANYTHING!! And I have been trying. I email her hair pieces, we talk about her plans often. A part of me was a bit tired and worn out of being IN weddings. I have been in a few. I just wanted to really sit back and enjoy her wedding. Plus, it's easier to corral my kids and get them doing what they have to do, if I'm not actually in the wedding myself and have a part to play. You know?

    This way, I am still helping, I can watch my kids and assist with them and my nieces, and still sit next to my husband and enjoy the wedding while watching a few dimes (new houses don't come cheap). I get the very best of all worlds.

    It's not because of drama or anything else. I truly love my sister. She is an amazing person. And am I over the top excited about her wedding! ♥ =)

  3. I should also probably say that in truth, I would have HONORED to stand up for her at her wedding, but I really did think I was making the best decision for all of us. She didn't have to worry if my feelings were hurt if I was not in the wedding or not the honor attendant, and I got save money and still help. I think it came down to we all just wanted someone else to decide, because we all wanted to make everyone else happy.

    I love her and would have gladly stood up for her.

  4. Noey - carpet and floor looks great! I don't think that the carpet looks dark at all. I think its a nice medium beige-y color that won't show dirt (too much) but isn't so brown that it will make you think of poo. It looks particularly nice right up against that white trim.

  5. I love your your choices! They look beautiful! You are always going to think you made choices that you are unsure about but in the end they will come together and yo will love them! I am going to see my carpet today and I am sooooo scared! Ugh! You are an amazing person to do that for your sister with the wedding! Very unselfish :) ((((hugs))))