Monday, July 11, 2011

You never know unless you try

I remembered that while I was trying to research how our kitchen might look before it was installed, I ran across a picture of the back splash behind the sink.  It's electrical outlet covers were granite! (well...doubtful, but they matched the granite!).  I loved the look of it.

So, I emailed our Rep to find out who installed our granite.  I wanted to check to see if they had matching outlet covers.  She was happy to pass along the information.

So, I emailed them.  And while I was at it, I decided to ask if they had any tips for us sealing our granite or even if they could do it.  And if so, what would their price be?  I figured, you never know unless you try....

Now we wait for answers.  lol

But if anyone out there has granite, don't be afraid to ask your Rep for who does it so you can ask for tips and help.

I LITERALLY have nightmares about the sealing process.  I'll gladly pay someone to do it, as long as it isn't too expensive.  lol  We bought a good sealer, I just don't want to "paint" it on.  =(  I don't even know if we bought enough.  (only 2 quarts).

Wish us luck!  No matter how this turns out.  lol


  1. Our granite was sealed when they installed it and the project manager went over it during our final walk through since it is recommended to be done annually. We did have to seal the grout in our master bath and the fireplace hearth when we moved in. A lot of people don't seal the stone fireplace hearth and then it can get water ring stains (if for example you have a crazy toddler running around who might leave sippy cups everywhere like I do!)

  2. Lucky!! We were told we had to seal it. It would come polished but not sealed. Grundle Mumph =/

    We purchased a sealer you paint on that is suppose to need re-done every 3-5 years. =)

    I'm just going to HATE doing it. lol We also have to do our bathroom tiles as well.

    Since we close at 1 next Friday, our plan is to head over to the house after closing and start sealing EVERYTHING. We'll spend the evening sealing and maybe moving a few things over. Saturday, he works, but I'll moved boxes and little stuff all day. By Sunday night we should be all transferred to the new place. But we wanted it all sealed up before we started the moving the process. So....

    Good call on the fireplace!! Why is it that sippy cups that aren't suppose to leak, ALWAYS do anyway? lol My toddler is the same way! lol

  3. Please let us know how this sealer works...great says 1 quart should cover 400 square feet. You should definitely have review says to wear gloves.

  4. Oh geez, I didn't know we needed to seal our grout! lol, This will be my first time owning tile. Hopefully this will be easy. YouTube here we come! :)

    Question: for your tile, did you guys ask for a particular color grout to be used?

  5. Hey e-neighbor!

    Shoot me a line when you get a chance... I have a question for you.

    This is Gregg from the Milan in PA :) (Yes, the only one)

  6. Chelly, we were given a big range of color choices by the flooring company. I assume this varies depending on the location/company.

  7. Oh wow, no one ever mentioned it to us. :( Bummer...I am going to check with my PM tomorrow about that. Thanks!