Thursday, July 14, 2011

#16 ENERGY STAR continued....a better entry for it.

Every Ryan home is Energy Star Certified.   What does this mean exactly?

It means every home Ryan builds must pass several inspections in order to get this certification.  Why is this certification such a big deal?  Because it can save you 20-30% on your bills!  Who doesn't want that!

This means the windows must pass inspection, the roof, the insulation,  the wrap of the house, the appliances too. They also seal up the house tight and do a compression test before closing to get the final certification.  This test allows them to see how well the house is sealed.  If there is air escaping, it shows where, so the can fix it.  =)

Did you also know that Ryan Homes is the 2011 Energy Star partner of the year winner?  Google it!  =)

In some states there may be tax cuts/credits for having such a green home!  I know there are special mortgages you can get, called green mortgages, for homes like this too.  =)

Hurray for Energy Star and Savings!!


  1. One of many great things about Ryan Homes.

  2. Yes, that is one of the best perks about building with Ryan. I love to help the environment and I like having extra money in my pockets! :) That's cool to know they won an award! Thanks Noey!