Wednesday, July 6, 2011

# 15 30 year Architectural Roof

I am so happy for this feature!!

For one, it's pretty.  It doesn't just lie flat and is boring.  Lol  I know...such a girl!  lol

Another reason we're pretty excited is that it's a 30 year roof!!  So many people in our area have had their home's roof replaced recently and this kind of roof is in high demand here.  People WANT it!  But not many builders are doing it.

That high end builder I was telling you about in my last blog, Niblock, only offers a 20 yr roof!  =D  GO RYAN!!!  The piece of mind of knowing in 10 years we won't we need to place our roof is wonderful!  W do get hail over the summer here (not a lot...but maybe 2-3 times a summer and usually not big), but having a more durable roof goes a long way to giving a person piece of mind!).


  1. I didn't even know that but I'm glad to have learned that!

  2. Yes, that is awesome! Roofs are expensive! It's good to know that if the big bad wolf comes and blows it down, they'll fix it! ;)