Thursday, July 14, 2011


My family has put in an offer on a house.  I'm not saying which one yet.  We're all waiting to see what happens.  I feel like I'm on the edge of my seat all over again...waiting.  lol

To give you some perspective of where my sister and her family will live, here is a photo of my front yard.  I have marked 2 areas, A and B.   (A, being behind that house shown)   I'm not sure which lot was the one they wanted again, but it's one of those two.  My kids would be SOOO stoked to have their cousins that close!   Snow days would be a lot more fun.  lol

I'm so excited.  I hope this works out for them.  But you never can tell.....


  1. That's great that you love that they'll be living close by and the cousins can play together.
    I looove my family so much, but I couldn't have them live that close by. (Everybody Loves Raymond)hahaha.

  2. LOL

    We see each other about 2-3 times right now as is. And we have sat down and talked about living in the same neighborhood and respecting each other's privacy. It wouldn't be any different than it is now. We want to see each other, we call and make plans. lol We both need our separate lives too.

    But knowing we are so close in case of emergencies is awesome! And we can walk to each other's houses when we have our monthly family dinners. =)

  3. Wow that is really close! Thats awesome!