Monday, July 4, 2011

#17 and the an answer to my shower question

Hubby went out to the house for the first time in weeks today.  He seems pretty pleased.  =)

He also measured our shower.  I can't remember who asked but here is the answer to how big the new shower is:  It's about 4 ft wide by 4ft long.  =)  Much bigger!  =)

now for # 17 on the countdown:   Upstairs Laundry!!

I cannot put into words how happy I am to have my laundry room on the top floor with the bedrooms.  Easy to throw it in, easy to put it right away!  =D  And with it being at the top of our stairs, easy to hear the "buzzer" go off when I'm downstairs!  =)     

(I say "buzzer" because my washer and dryer "sing" a little song to me.  lol)

I have always dreamed of an upstairs laundry room.  It is a dream come true!!  I do wish I would have had the forethought to put a window in there (I love natural light), but I am over the moon thrilled about this feature.

I do know it's not for everyone.  For example, my sister is one who likes it on the first floor.  For her, that works.  To each our own.  For me, this is a dream come true and worthy of a spot on my countdown.  lol

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  1. I'm so excited about your upstairs bath! i really wanted to have that feature in our home, but I sacrificed that for a few other things I really liked. lol, but I still ENVY your upstairs laundry, it just seems sooooo easy and close to where it should be not in the middle of your kitchen and garage, near the public and the thought of lugging it back up the stairs lol...well I guess a perk is cooking and cleaning and the laundry is right next to the kitchen sooooo I'll live! :) Plus anything beats going to the dungeon of a basement to wash! lol...Enjoy your laundry area! :)