Sunday, July 24, 2011

the big day

Well today is the big day!!  Our furniture arrives!!  (eventually).  lol

My kids and I have been camping out in the house.  The first night my sister and her kids were here too.  Last night was just us.  It was nice.  We watched Mrs. Doubtfire and just chilled out. 

Moving in this heat is HORRILBE!!!  But we all stayed hydrated.  I had a super crew helping me and bought them all lunch.  I am super duper sore today.  But, we were able to get some of the smaller furniture here and all the boxes here yesterday.  I have gotten all I can get unpacked done without the rest of the furniture to here.  I need it to finish to the unpacking.  And even though my kitchen is unpacked, it's going to need some tweaking over time.  lol 

Men:  We know how hard it is to move!  That furniture is heavy!!  But you do pretty much know where all the furniture will go.  Do you have any clue how long it takes and how mentally draining it can be (if you have NO idea what you're going to do to begin with) to unpack a kitchen?  lol   Tons of the little things you have NO IDEA what to do with.  lol  I'm just glad it's done.  lol

And our shower.... AMAZING!!!  I took my toddler up to jump in the shower last night (well, she just kinda walked in with her clothes on and plopped down.  lol)  And then another daughter came up and wanted a shower "in the big shower too".  So all three of us fit in it...NO PROBLEM!!  Lots of room!!  Not that we'll be doing it again.  But it was nice to know we had that much room!  So much better than barely having enough to raise your arms to wash your own hair! 

I also got to admit, I love waking up and having my coffee in our morning room.  It just does something to soul to sit there, and look at the scenery and the peace and quiet.  I'm betting if all this construction were to to finally stop, we'd have deer.  We did have a HUGE wild turkey for a little while (seriously...bigger than my toddler) but it's gone now.

I LOVE my home!!  I think KNOW we are going to be very happy here!

OH....and let me tell you about my neighbor!  Shoot, out of time.  I have to get going.  Big day and all.  I'll tell ya'll tonight.



  1. Andrew and JennelJuly 24, 2011 at 10:50 AM

    Ahhhhhh, just the thought of coffee in the morning room has put my soul to ease!! Can't wait to experience that myself in 3 weeks...ha! I'm so impressed you've unpacked so much already.....I'm envisioning weeks of piled up boxes and being overwhelmed just looking at them. It must feel so good to just finally be at home and make it your own. Good luck and try to stay cool with all this heat!

  2. Congratulations Noey! I've been enjoying your many many posts over the weeks. We've been moved in for almost a month, and we are thrilled to pieces too! Your house looks great. If you're like us, you will have a 'healthy' todo list for the foreseeable future. Water your sod. Ours is on life support now because of the terrible heat here in VA

  3. Are you sure your neighbor would want you telling us about them? Everyone knows your neighborhood/house, so everyone in the area would know who you're talking about.
    Some people are private and don't want their lives online...hate to see you get off on the wrong foot.

  4. Hmmmm, anonymous...I was thinking the same thing. Many people like privacy...sometimes they should be asked if they will be written about just to make sure it's ok..

  5. So glad everything is going well for you so far! Can't wait to see the pictures of you all moved in!