Monday, July 18, 2011

# 4

OH WOW!! I'm on #4 already!! Are you kidding me?? Just a few more mornings of waking up in this house, and the SEE YA!!! =) lol Man, coming with 30 things to be thankful for about your new home or like about your new home is not as easy as it looks. After about 20 or so, you realize, you've covered a lot of ground! lol

I'm trying to take it easy today.  I over did it yesterday and Advil isn't even helping my back today.  I still have a lot to do, but I can't continue to put myself in pain.  I have a big weekend of moving ahead of me.  =)  So today is catch up on laundry and play with the kids day!  =)  Resting up to knock more things out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is MORE packing.
Wed. is our pre-settlement walk-thru
Friday is CLOSING!! 

#4 Bigger House = Room to breathe and entertain

We are moving from a 1900 sq ft house to just under 2700 sq ft house.  (5 people and dog, and all our stuff do NOT fit well in 1900 sq. ft.  lol)   Breathing room!!  Everyone will have their own room, and everything will have it's own space!  =)  I won't feel like we're on top of each other anymore or cluttered.  What a great feeling!

I also will have room to entertain.  I am most excited about this! 

My kitchen table has 4 chairs (but can seat 6), my dining table has 6 chairs.  I can fit 5 bar stools around my island and then 2 more @ the den overhang.   That's 17 seats right there!  If I add to folding chairs to my kitchen table (since it can seat 6) thats 19!!  19 places for people to park their rear ends and have a surface to eat off of!  WOOHOO!!  Then I have my den too. 

This why I'm so excited to be hosting my sister's bridal shower in a few weeks!  =)  We can all fit!  It's a beautiful home!  And we won't feel suffocated! 

My side of the family gets together often.  And we never have less than 18 people.  Sometimes as many as 25-31.

My husband's side of the family would love to do more get togethers, but it just doesn't work out.  No one's house is really ideal enough though.  Now I have the perfect house for it!  His brothers and sisters haven't all gathered together in one place for a holiday or anything else in years.  (He is one of 5 children, all but 2 of them are married).  I am excited at the prospect of holding some holiday dinners at my house for his family to gather together again.  I can't imagine how happy it would make his mom to have all her children in one house at the same time again.  =)  I want to be able to do that for her.  And I'd still have room for her mom, and siblings, and their families.  =)

Yes...I have an excellent relationship with my Mother-In-Law.  I call her Momma.  She not just my MIL, but also a dear and close friend.  I wish everyone could have this kind of relationship with their MIL.  I grew up witnessing my Dad's mom treat my mother horribly.  I was so worried when I got married.  But I could not love this woman more.  I adore her. off topic...sorry!

So anyway...yeah.  MORE SPACE!!  HURRAY!!! 

Thank you Ryan Homes for building big beautiful homes!

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